Jana Inskeep, another 11-year-old member of the Frederick County 4-H community, had recently received a heartbreaking leukemia diagnosis and had been hospitalized just weeks before the fair’s commencement, the Frederick News Post reported. On that Saturday, an overwhelming surge of support engulfed Inskeep from her friends in agriculture and the wider community.

Clark, reflecting on her decision, shared, “My mom and I were discussing the sale of my steer, and suddenly, we had this spontaneous idea: ‘How about we allocate 10% to Jana?’”

In a touching gesture, Clark’s sentiment was echoed in a note read aloud by the auction announcer, Josh Ruby: “We love you, Jana. Fight hard.”

Many others within the 4-H and agricultural community also rallied behind Inskeep, collectively raising approximately $130,000 on that remarkable Saturday.

Emily Ruby, who worked alongside her husband, Josh, in the auction business, praised the community’s unwavering support in times of emergency, stating, “In times of need, they stand shoulder to shoulder and extend as much help as possible.”

Clark’s steer found a buyer in the Derby Bar & Grill in New Market, fetching a commendable $5,000, with $500 thoughtfully allocated to support the Inskeep family. Clark expressed her hope that this money could provide her friend with nourishing meals during her hospital stay.


As Inskeep watched a livestream of the auction from her hospital room, her twin sister, Jacy, and older sister, Jordyn, took up the mantle and showcased the animals she had raised before falling ill. Fellow 4-H members enthusiastically greeted Jana Inskeep through the camera, ensuring she remained a part of this heartwarming event.

The crowning jewel of the auction was undoubtedly Inskeep’s 1,380-pound steer, drawing immense interest from more than two dozen individuals and businesses. Remarkably, after initially being sold, the steer was selflessly donated back to the auction for another round of bidding.

Ultimately, the sale of Inskeep’s steer yielded a remarkable $57,000 for the Inskeep family. Collectively, the community contributed a staggering $79,500 for the steer, a turkey, and a pig that Inskeep had lovingly cared for.

Emily Ruby commended the altruism displayed by Delaney Clark and fellow 4-H members, including Zack Mills, Kaylee Mathews, and Lexi Bureau, all of whom donated a portion of their animal sale proceeds to support Inskeep. In addition, Wolfe Auction contributed by donating the proceeds from the sale of the “Wolfe Pig,” adding an additional $4,250 to the cause.

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