LaPere was reported missing on Monday and was found a short time later in her Mount Vernon luxury apartment.

The EcoMap tech company founder was found with “blunt force trauma,” according to local police.

Few details are available at this time. The New York Post announced her social media accounts indicated “she was single” and that it “is unknown whether LaPere had any guests over prior to her death.”

Neighbor Chris McNees told CBS News Baltimore: “That’s pretty horrifying.”

McNees added: “I mean, just for that to happen anywhere in the city is obviously a bad thing, but it’s hard to imagine why this would happen specifically in this building.”


LaPere started her eco company from her dorm room at Johns Hopkins University. The purpose of her company is to make ecosystems information accessible to everyone along with “powerful technology to digitize ecosystems,” according to the company’s website.

According to LaPere’s business website, the business started from her dorm room at Johns Hopkins University. Her company’s goal was to make ecosystem information readily accessible to all.

Her website noted the development of “powerful technology to digitize ecosystems.”

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