Three years after the contents of Hunter Biden’s former laptop began to be splashed all over the globe, attorneys for President Joe Biden’s son are suing a former aide in the Trump White House who helped spread the emails and images found on the abandoned computer.

The laptop was brought to a Delaware repair shop but never picked up. Repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac eventually examined the computer and discovered what he described as “astounding” and “disgusting” content.

That prompted him to share the contents of the hard drive with federal authorities as well as individuals linked to the 2020 presidential campaign of then-President Donald Trump, including attorney Rudy Giuliani.

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden’s attorneys filed a federal lawsuit in California against Garrett Ziegler, an aide in the Trump White House and head of the research group Marco Polo.

According to Insider, Ziegler posted more than 100,000 emails from Hunter Biden’s account online, along with various photos and documents.

“The provenance of the material continues to be debated along with the privacy implications, but the authenticity of the content has never been successfully challenged,” the outlet noted.


In an interview Wednesday with conservative host Emerald Robinson, Ziegler said, “Hunter just sued us.”

He said Winston & Strawn, the law firm that filed the suit in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, “should be embarrassed of themselves. This lawsuit isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”

“I just am offended that they keep underestimating us, as if we hadn’t gone through every one of their potential legal arguments before we released the report. That’s why we didn’t put the genitalia of the Biden family in our report,” Ziegler said.

“They’re gonna get burned again,” he said.

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