Vice President Kamala Harris got roasted online for her “cringey” dance moves during a White House party commemorating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

video clip circulated online showed Harris grooving to Q-Tip’s 1999 hit, “Vivrant Thing.”

Clad in hot pink slacks and a neon blouse reminiscent of the 90s, she danced in place with a nod and raised hands to the music, sporting her usual restrained smile.

While she tried to sing along, it was evident she only knew the lyrics to the chorus, appearing a bit lost. Over time, she found her groove with an uncomplicated dance routine, aimlessly swaying from one foot to the other, with one hand raised in the air.

Critics seized the opportunity to lampoon the vice president for wh at they considered unimpressive dance moves at the outdoor celebration, according to New York Post


In June, her awkward dance moves and hesitant laughter became the target of playful ridicule when she appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” during which the host told her, “I bet you’re fun at a gay bar,” as reported by Fox News.

Anthony Brian Logan, a political commentator, commented on X, formerly Twitter, saying, “Kamala Harris with the granny moves at her 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop party.”

“Your daily dose of Kamala cringe,” posted conservative commentator Benny Johnson on the platform.

Some X users thought Harris was awkwardly channeling Elaine Benes, a fictional character from the popular sitcom “Seinfeld.”

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