Fox News is still dealing with the fallout of “parting ways” with top-rated host Tucker Carlson. But some fans are praising “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld as the “last trustworthy person” on Fox News after he went viral for calling out the mainstream media’s bias against former President Donald Trump.

During a segment Monday on “The Five,” Gutfeld declared that if “Biden were a Republican, the Democrats in the media would say it’s the party of old white men.”

“But how fitting, though, that this president is homeless. Think about it. Think about it. The hood ornament of this country where the homeless today are essentially our national bird. Everybody has got them, and can’t do anything about it. Be happy he’s on vacation, imagine when he is not on vacation. And I like how they were shocked, they were shocked that Trump is still able to be tied with Biden. No, they should be shocked that Biden is still able to be tied with Trump. Sure, you can throw January 6 out there, but all in all, Trump is still cogent,” Gutfeld said.

“He is still a human being. He can still use his brain. What you have there is not workable. And that’s not even a reason for concern. My feeling about this, I was away for weeks, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot — I have gained some weight. I don’t feel comfortable in my pants — but Biden is barely a figurehead. And what scares me when I am at home is, nobody seems to care that nothing is getting done. So it’s not about Joe, it’s about the party and politics itself that people aren’t doing a thing and they aren’t even helping to do it,” he continued.


“So if you ask the Democrats, what do you want? ‘Well, we want to have criminal justice reform. We want to have a safe and effective border where everybody can come and have a chance at the American dream.’ But then you ask them for the process and there is none because they don’t have one. Right? So the whole thing is a sham. I mean, I am waiting for — and I know that in America, it’s summertime, it won’t happen for another year. You have to wake up and see that we have some massive problems. The three obvious ones are education, immigration, and crime,” he continued.

“We have a president who’s a halfwit, parties who are involved in dueling indictments, and nobody is doing a thing about the problems that you see every day. Meanwhile, you have a Democratic Party that calls everybody racist and they will double down on the old white guy, right? If Biden were Republican, the Democrats in the media would say it’s the party of old white men. Well, what do you have here? You have a party of radicals that are propping up an old white man to get back into the White House. That’s worse,” he said.

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