Alina Habba, general counsel to the pro-Trump Save America PAC, said President Joe Biden should be impeached soon or the nation will continue to decline.

During an interview on Newsmax, Habba argued that the anti-Trump media sentiment should be addressed or the country won’t be recognizable.

“Yeah, he’s not connecting with anybody. When you have a press secretary that doesn’t answer questions and you have a president who can’t effectively say anything clearly, let alone walk, we have a problem, and we’re in a predicament, and they’re [the mainstream media are] covering the lies,” Habba told host Rob Schmitt.

Schmitt mentioned that Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler “fact-checked every sentence” while Donald Trump was president. The Newsmax host joked that if Trump claimed it was a “beautiful day,” Kessler would fact-check by saying, “Well, technically, it wasn’t a beautiful day, so I’m going to count that as a lie.”

“Yeah it is what it is,” Habba agreed. “That’s the country we’re in, and if we don’t fix it soon, we’re not going to recognize it.”

Habba continued by claiming that the four cases that the prosecution has planned out against Trump are not about the merits or about coming out on top; rather, they are all about “tying him up” to prevent him from participating in the campaign.

The growing list of accusations and the upcoming trial date, according to Habba, are “literally impossible,” and everything is planned.

“The reason they keep filing [charges] … is because they don’t really care if they win. They don’t really care if these cases have merit. They care about tying him up so that he can’t be out there doing what he needs to do on the campaign. And if we look at the trial schedule that we have coming, it’s literally impossible. It’s not about the legal team. It’s just the people that need to be there — the witnesses, the depositions … it’s impossible, and that’s by design,” Habba argued.

“But you know, they picked the wrong guy. He is resilient, he is wealthy, and he is strong — and he loves this country, and it only motivates him and his base,” she added.

She went on to argue that even if the state and federal prosecutors lose every case, they will “keep pushing because they’re afraid of him.”

“It’s just so obvious what they’re doing. I think they will never stop pushing because they can’t control President Trump. They see people who are Republicans as a threat to the Constitution in our country. But I’m pretty sure that these individuals don’t love our country. They cannot possibly love our country because they’re dividing it,” she continued.


“It’s hurtful and frankly, our country is unrecognizable at this point, so I don’t think they’ll ever stop. The trials are not about the law but about power,” Habba said, adding that she believes Trump will win his cases because, in addition to being politically motivated, the U.S. Department of Justice is not very good at its job.

“I don’t know what’s going on in the DOJ’s office,” Habba said. “They are making a lot of their mistakes very obvious. And they’re making blatant errors in terms of what they are and are not producing and then that comes out in public records. And that’s going to be problematic for them.”

Habba said the four indictments against Trump and the trial dates — two of them scheduled to begin in March 2024, in the middle of the GOP primary — are aimed at hurting Trump’s campaign.

“I think it’s not surprising that he pled today not guilty. Obviously, he waived his right to go in for an arraignment in person, because why give them more of a media frenzy? We don’t need that,” Habba said.

She added: “So, you know, from here we actually get to litigate the case, which as an attorney I look forward to, I know our legal team does as well, to get to take our own turn at looking at all of the information and our own turn to put our side out, which is something that everybody needs to remember hasn’t happened as of yet. Four indictments are simply that, an indictment, which is just one-sided B.S., for a lack of a better word, on their political scheme to interfere with the leading candidate for president.”

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