An aide to Rudy Giuliani who allegedly worked closely with him to put together a case attempting to prove election fraud in Georgia has “vanished,” according to paperwork filed on July 11 by two Georgia election workers who tried to subpoena and depose her in the defamation lawsuit they waged against Giuliani.

Katherine Friess, a national security consultant, allegedly helped Giuliani attempt to have the 2020 presidential election results overturned, according to Politico.

That attempt is at the center of former president Donald Trump’s current legal troubles, in which he stands accused of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

None of the parties attempting to contact Friess accused her personally of any wrongdoing.

Her name also did not surface anywhere in the RICO case against Donald Trump.

Attorneys for the two election workers, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, searched exhaustively on multiple occasions for Friess, according to Bloomberg.

The attorneys for Freeman and Moss claimed in documents filed on Dec. 16 that over the course of four months at the end of 2022, they contacted five email addresses, with one email showing that it had been opened multiple times.


They said that they also contacted six physical addresses in three different states.

Finally, they claimed that they left her a voicemail at a Colorado address tied to her attorney registration for the state.

“On this record only, it is reasonable to infer that Ms. Friess is aware of Plaintiffs’ lawsuit, their interest in her personal knowledge, and their attempts to serve her with a subpoena, and that she may be evading service,” the filing reads.

Usually, subpoenas must be presented in person, according to Politico.

However, Judge Beryl Howell made an exception.

Howell acknowledged that Friess was “likely aware of this lawsuit” and allowed the attorneys to try “alternative” means to locate her, according to Bloomberg.

Strangely, all failed.

In the July 11 filing, the attorneys said they had also requested that Giuliani tell them her location, according to Politico.

He reportedly declined to do so, and he eventually lost the lawsuit to Freeman and Moss.

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