Brace yourself for a highly controversial statement: Children thrive best under the parental stewardship of a father and a mother.

Another controversial statement: Divorce is a scourge, and one that has been normalized to a dangerous degree.

(Yes, this writer is aggressively old school when it comes to the sanctity of marriage.)

So why exactly is White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre getting a glowing puff piece in Vogue magazine?

Well, we know why and it has everything to do with intersectionality, but that doesn’t make this blowout any less repugnant.

In a Thursday article that was practically drooling over the White House press secretary, Vogue’s Mattie Kahn touched on the topics you would expect in a piece like this — Jean-Pierre’s childhood, her rise to the Biden press room, and her personal life.

But buried underneath all the fawning was a little nugget of information that really hammers home how incredibly selfish Jean-Pierre — and, frankly, all of the far-left — actually is.

“It’s clear that this is all a juggle, and it has gotten more challenging lately,” Kahn wrote. “Jean-Pierre and [CNN correspondent Suzanne] Malveaux have separated.”

“I’m a single mom who is co-parenting this amazing kid,” Jean-Pierre told Vogue. “Our number-one priority is her privacy and to make sure we create an environment that’s nurturing.”

If you’re wondering how a lesbian couple had a child, the two adopted a daughter (a process that Kahn specifically said Malveaux initiated “not long after she and Jean-Pierre started dating”).


Now, adopting a child is an incredibly selfless and admirable thing… normally.

But gay couples who adopt children subject them to a life without either a mother or a father. And there are increasing examples of these people treating children like designer handbags.

To be clear, there is no evidence that Jean-Pierre and Malveaux are bad parents — they’re just not the parents this little girl needs.

It doesn’t appear that Jean-Pierre and Malveaux were ever actually “married,” so they didn’t technically get divorced. But you know whom their separation will always affect the worst? The child.

Jean-Pierre’s daughter was adopted into a household without a father, and then that household broke even further. It’s not fair, and a more civilized society would critique this — not give it a glowing write-up in Vogue.

This all feels emblematic of the sort of new world order that Joe Biden and his leftist followers want to usher in.

Who cares about the sanctity of marriage? Who cares about family? Who cares about children? Who cares about truth?

Clearly not Jean-Pierre and clearly not Vogue.

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