CNN released the results of a new poll Thursday morning that shows the incumbent president in a very weak position as the 2024 election continues to heat up — but there’s an important caveat.

I’ll get to that below, as well as providing the complete set of poll results — more than any reasonable person will want to read, most likely — but let’s look at a few highlights first.

As far as hypothetical matchups go, they all fall within the poll’s 3.6-point margin of error, making each of them basically about even … except one.

In this poll, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has an apparent small lead over Biden, 49 to 43. (But remember what I said about caveats.)

That may not sound so bad for President Joe Biden, but what his team should find more alarming is the fact that when asked whether “Any Republican nominee would be a better choice than Joe Biden” or the opposite, that “Joe Biden would be a better choice than any Republican nominee,” respondents chose the generic “any Republican” over the incumbent president by a margin of 46 to 32 — well outside the poll’s margin of error. (Almost a quarter of those polled, 22 percent, said neither of those statements reflected their views.)

Granted, when the question was reversed and “Any Democratic nominee” was matched up against former President Donald Trump, Trump came in second — but by a much smaller margin of 44 to 38, which was within the margin of error, though not by much.

Those can’t be reassuring numbers for the White House. But it gets worse for them.

SSRS, the polling group, asked 391 Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents whether the Dems should put Biden up for re-election next year or nominate “a different candidate.”

Members of Biden’s own party chose someone other than Biden 2-to-1.

Compare that to the responses to similar questions asked about former Presidents Barack Obama in 2010 (76 percent chose Obama) and Bill Clinton in 1994 (55 percent said Clinton should be the nominee). That’s gotta hurt.

In an article covering the release of the polling data, CNN noted some of the issues that the poll uncovered that are likely hurting Biden in this.

“Perceptions of Biden personally are also broadly negative, with 58% saying they have an unfavorable impression of him,” CNN wrote. “Fewer than half of Americans, 45%, say that Biden cares about people like them, with only 33% describing him as someone they’re proud to have as president. A smaller share of the public than ever now says that Biden inspires confidence (28%, down 7 percentage points from March) or that he has the stamina and sharpness to serve effectively as president (26%, down 6 points from March), with those declines driven largely by Democrats and independents.”

And then there’s the age issue, which one would assume will only loom larger as time progresses — Biden is, after all, older now than he ever was — and now he’s even older. And now he’s even older. And now … you get the point. Biden is 80 today, he’ll be 81 on Election Day next year, and he’ll turn 82, Lord willing, 15 days later.

“Roughly three-quarters of Americans say they’re seriously concerned that Biden’s age might negatively affect his current level of physical and mental competence (73%), and his ability to serve out another full term if reelected (76%), with a smaller 68% majority seriously concerned about his ability to understand the next generation’s concerns (that stands at 72% among those younger than 65, but just 57% of those 65 or older feel the same),” according to CNN.

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