Sep 8, 2023

Trump Announces His Plan to Put on a Real Show at Trial: ‘I Look Forward’ to It

Democrats may be having second thoughts about allowing Donald Trump’s indictments to go to trial — or at least they should be.

In a Wednesday interview with conservative podcaster Hugh Hewitt covering a wide range of topics, Trump described the indictments against him as “election interference.”

“Will you testify in your own defense?” Hewitt asked. Trump replied, “Oh, yes, absolutely.”

“You’ll take the stand?” Hewitt queried further.

Trump: “That I would do. That I look forward to, because that’s just like Russia, Russia, Russia. … I look forward to testifying. At trial, I’ll testify.”

Imagine Donald Trump on the witness stand.

Say what you will about him, but he is a powerful force. The stream of consciousness, glaring superlatives and repetition, repetition, repetition may make even friendlies cringe, but they’re part of the Trump package and they work.

I’ve long believed a strategic mistake the left-wing media made in 2016 was giving Trump tons of airtime to just talk.


“He’s so outlandish, the guy’s crazy,” the coastal establishment thought, perhaps believing that the more Trump said, the more likely he was to shoot himself in the foot.

But most of the coasters don’t know how average Americans think. Trump won the hearts and minds of middle America right under their noses.

I noted that about August of that election year, after securing the Republican nomination, Trump somewhat reeled in his speaking style and began to sound more presidential.

And at that point, the media squelched his exposure.

Either Trump winning the nomination showed the elites their errors in giving him a platform, or his emerging presidential image scared them.

And when the Democratic indictment machine recently came for the former president, Trump, a master of media jiu-jitsu, turned his Georgia mug shot into a defiant campaign symbol and fundraiser.

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