On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe,” MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch noted that The Wall Street Journal’s recent poll showing President Biden’s falling poll numbers is “freaking” him out.

Deutsch urged Democratic Party leaders to rally voters — and was not averse to using “fear” to motivate the masses as former President Donald Trump must be defeated at all costs.

The recent Wall Street Journal poll found that Trump is now “leading Biden by 11 points” on the question of who had a better record.

The poll also showed that Trump was leading Biden by 10 points on the question of perceived “mental fitness to hold office.”

A stunning 58% of respondents (including Democrats) said the economy has worsened since Biden assumed office and 73% of respondents view Biden as “too old” to effectively serve another term.

The Daily Caller reported the poll surveyed 1,500 registered voters in late August.

Host Joe Scarborough pointed to a recent Substack piece by Joe Klein that claimed Democrats are experiencing a “growing sense of frustration” that Biden has not kicked his campaign into high gear.

Expressing his own frustration, Scarborough said: “‘Biden is a ghost of what the country needs right now,’ and a lot of Democrats, Willie, are saying, in fact, most Democrats, let’s be honest, are saying, in panic mode.”

“American democracy is on the line,” Scarborough added. “Do we really want to just cross our fingers and hope for the best? That’s what they’re saying.”

“Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist agreed that age is an issue for Biden, but noted there are no clear alternative candidate options. Though Vice President Kamala Harris recently said she was ready to move into the No. 1 spot should Biden need to step down, her poor poll numbers do not portend a Democratic victory in 2024.


Geist lamented that Trump had pulled ahead of Biden on key talking points and openly wished that the former president would talk less about his past accomplishments and claims of election fraud.

“Think about that for a minute,” said Geist. “[Trump is viewed by most as having] a better vision for the future than Joe Biden, [and] all he does is talk about an election that happened three years ago.”

Deutsch interjected: “Yeah, that was the thing that jumped out at me … and all we talk about is cult of personality.”

Speaking of how to turn things around, Deutsch offered: “If I’m running the campaign … [it would focus on] the fear of the end of democracy … the fear of a woman’s right to choose … the chaos … the uncertainty … the fear of where Donald Trump could take us unfettered in the next term. That’s what we got.”

Deutsch complained: “We do not have [a] fire and brimstone leader. It’s not who he is … and it’s scary. I’m not saying I’m not scared. I’m not saying that the ‘Wall Street Journal’ poll … didn’t freak me out. I am freaked out…the Democrats have got to get behind who we have at this point and just make it about the fear of Donald Trump.”

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