Joe Biden’s dumpster-fire presidency continued its unbroken streak of epic blunders when the octogenarian inexplicably walked out in the middle of a Medal of Honor ceremony, leaving a decorated war hero bewildered and alone on the podium.

On Tuesday, retired Army Captain Larry Taylor received the Medal of Honor — our nation’s highest recognition of valor — for bravery during the Vietnam War, where he risked his life on a nighttime mission in 1968 to save the lives of four comrades.

Almost immediately after awarding Taylor the medal, Biden scurried out of the room, even though the ceremony was not over. At the time, the honoree was wiping away tears of joy after being recognized for his military valor.


Shocking video of the bizarre incident showed Taylor standing alone on the dais, looking awkward and confused.

Biden‘s hasty exit also left the audience “bewildered,” one person commented on X, previously known as Twitter.

“Biden actually just walks out, before the benediction, while the room was still applauding for Captain Taylor,” radio host David Pollack remarked.

“Biden just walks off the stage and leaves. The room was clearly confused.”

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