Mar-a-Lago IT professional Yuscil Taveras entered into a cooperation agreement with Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is prosecuting former President Donald Trump for alleged mismanagement of classified documents.

This was confirmed by Taveras’ previous defense attorney in a recent court document, according to a CNN report.

Taveras, after facing potential prosecution, decided to collaborate with the prosecutors, the report noted. In the legal documents, Taveras is mentioned as “Trump Employee 4.” CNN identified him under this designation.

The agreement’s conditions, as detailed in the court filing, state Taveras has committed to testify in the classified documents case. In return, he will not face any legal action.

Taveras has not been implicated in any criminal activities, according to the report.

This document provides the first public confirmation that Smith has secured cooperation from pivotal witnesses in his case against Trump aide Walt Nauta and Mar-a-Lago manager Carlos de Oliveira.

Federal prosecutors raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest involving Stanley Woodward, who currently represents Nauta.


They expressed concern about the possibility of Woodward having to cross-examine his former client Taveras. The court has been urged to closely examine these potential conflicts.

Woodward, in a recent filing, clarified that he had no involvement in Taveras’ decision to cooperate. He added the offer for cooperation was extended to Taveras only after he had secured a different legal representative.

Woodward has requested the court prevent Taveras from testifying in any future trials.

CNN had earlier reported that Taveras’ testimony in July, which was not made public, led to new accusations against Trump. These were later added to a superseding indictment.

The charges claim Trump, de Oliveira and Nauta conspired to erase potentially damaging security footage from the Mar-a-Lago estate surveillance system.

Trump, de Oliveira and Nauta deny all the allegations and have pleaded not guilty, according to the CNN report.

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