Doocy does it again!

Just when you get a lull of dull WH press briefings, Fox’s Peter Doocy comes in and gives a knock-out line, or question, to Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

This time, the question cut right through the bone to the marrow in both a precisely pointed way and in a manner that was in a word, amusing.

“Karine, President Biden is the oldest president in U.S. history, why does White House staff treat him like a baby?”

The question flummoxed Jean-Pierre, who seemed unable to deal with the charge and was visibly irritated by it.

“No one treats the president of the United State, the commander in chief, like a baby,” she responded.

Doocy’s follow up to the question referenced a new book, which delves into the questions surrounding the Biden administration’s handling of the Putin regime. Reading an excerpt, Doocy said, “rather than owning his failure he fumed to frien

To her credit, Jean-Pierre, after collecting herself, was quick to point out that books (both positive and negative) are written about every administration and that the White House cannot concern itself with every allegation of every book.

This was a fair retort, and Trump supporters are more than aware how salacious books can be about sitting presidents; however, this particular critique got a rise out of KJP for more than just the fact that it was “critical.” It also resonated.

After all, we have seen compilation after compilation of President Biden’s inability to walk up stairs, to find his way off stage, to follow basic instructions, to read from a teleprompter, or to complete coherent thoughts and sentences, as seen here:

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