Progressives aren’t very creative. When they find something that more or less works in their favor — as in giving them more power — they’re eager to try it again.

That’s the tune that must have whistled through the vacant spaces of Joe Biden’s mind when he found out his wife Jill Biden tested positive for COVID on Monday. A light bulb went off in the dim recesses of Joe’s cobweb-addled mind. Bring back the masks!

Nothing too radical at first. President Biden donning an indoor mask will showcase him leading by example. It’s a good way to gauge whether or not the progressive base, at least, will buy into the whole masking thing again. If they do, maybe they’ll comply with mandates without too much fuss. Maybe even lockdowns. Conservatives, of course, are another story.

It was left to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to set the plan in motion on Tuesday. She updated the press room on Jill Biden’s condition and the precautions the president will employ as this round of the virus circulates through the country, Fox News reported.

“I can tell you that the first lady is experiencing mild symptoms and will remain in Delaware for the week,” Jean-Pierre began. “President Biden tested negative last night for COVID-19

 and tested negative again today. He’s not experiencing any symptoms. As far as the steps he is taking since the president was with the first lady yesterday, he will be masking while indoors and around people in alignment with CDC guidance.”

There it is, the good old “CDC guidance.” We’ve seen that before. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks when the old ones worked so well.

“As has been the practice in the past,” Jean-Pierre added, “the president will remove his mask when sufficiently distant from others indoors and while outside as well.”

Biden’s willingness to go back to masking at the drop of a hat sparked immediate retaliation from conservative social media users who unloaded on X, the social media platform formerly called Twitter.

DC Draino posted, “They’re bringing back masks.”

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