Progressives have routinely relied on scare tactics and propaganda to convince voters to show up at the ballot box. The fear they sow germinates into a hatred for conservatives. Then they lie about their accomplishments and are cynical enough to believe that their base will swallow the lies without question.

That was then. Today, progressives are venturing into uncharted waters by overtly weaponizing the deep state — in particular the Department of Justice — to target political opponents. That’s not American.

Mike Huckabee sees the writing on the wall. In his opening monologue on the TBS show “Huckabee,” the former governor of Arkansas and presidential candidate sounded the alarm. Citizens of the United States would do well to listen and spread the warning. If progressives are allowed to get away with the political persecution of former President Donald Trump, 2024 might be the last U.S. election decided by ballots.

“Do you know how political opponents to those in power are dealt with in third-world dictatorships, banana republics and communist regimes?” Huckabee asked at the beginning of the show. “Well, it’s simple. The people in power use their police agencies to arrest their opponents for made-up crimes in an attempt to discredit them, bankrupt them, imprison them and exile them.”

If that sounds like hype from a conservative pundit, it’s not. If it sounds like Huckabee is talking about Russia, China or another totalitarian regime, he’s not. He’s talking about the United States of America.

“If you’re not paying attention,” Huckabee continued, “you may not realize that Joe Biden is using exactly those tactics to make sure that Donald Trump is not his opponent in 2024. Now, folks, this kind of thuggery at taxpayer expense isn’t supposed to happen in the United States.”


But it is, and, as Huckabee points out, you — the taxpayer — are paying for it. Like it or not, you are complicit, however unwillingly, in the progressive scheme for the U.S. to become a one-party totalitarian nation.

Huckabee then lays out the evidence that is hiding in plain sight for anyone who has eyes to see. He goes over the Biden crime family’s bribery, money laundering and influence-peddling allegations.  He touches on credible government whistleblowers whose testimony makes it clear the Department of Justice has treated Biden and Trump radically differently.

Huckabee then goes on to point out that constitutional scholars such as Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley, both Democrats, make compelling arguments that the so-called crimes Trump is charged with are not crimes at all.

It is clear that the Biden team — it may be more appropriate to call them all die-hard Marxists who will do anything to undermine the West — seeks to destroy Trump in the courthouse so he has no chance at the ballot box.

“If these tactics end up working to keep Trump from winning or even running in 2024,” Huckabee warned, “it is going to be the last American election that will be decided by ballots rather than bullets.”

Powerful words. It sounds like Huckabee is predicting civil war if the progressives manage to unfairly block Trump from the presidency by any means necessary. When the end justifies the means — as it does for Biden and his ilk — ethics, morality, and virtue are not only moot, they’re seen as detrimental.

The craving for power lures progressives like moths to the flame. It would be fine if all they were going to destroy was themselves — as they inevitably will.  But to achieve their goals they’ll have to burn up the Constitution to ash along with the country that was built on it.

Do you want to be complicit in that?

Huckabee goes on to provide a litany of the Biden administration’s failures — the economy, the border, energy independence and the list goes on. He then reiterates the corruption of the Biden crime family — making illicit money off of China, Russia, and Ukraine.

It isn’t a pretty picture that Huckabee paints. It’s not political hyperbole designed to instill fear either. It’s happening right in front of our faces and the progressives either think the American people are too dumb to catch on or they just don’t care.

I think it’s the latter. They don’t care what the people think because progressives see the people as the problem and themselves as the solution. They seek to take away your decision-making capabilities and make your decisions for you.

Progressives want to tell you what kind of car to drive, what to eat, what kind of stove you can cook on. They want all the power. They want to make you an automaton. For progressives, the people are a sociological experiment designed to create a utopia.

Welcome to the road to perdition, and this one isn’t even paved with good intentions. It’s paved with contempt for people like you and me. Satan, one would think, would at least make it appear like a yellow-brick road leading to the wizard. Biden’s road is made of bubbling tar that reeks of brimstone. It’s ugly as hell.

Huckabee’s right. This isn’t supposed to happen in the United States. But it is.

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