While millions of voters prepare themselves for a potential replay of the 2024 election, one insider with access to President Joe Biden said he won’t be surprised if the 80-year-old decides not to seek a second term.

Biden officially threatened the country with another four years of his brand of inept leadership in April after months of skating around the issue.

But his age and mental acuity have been and are being questioned by people on both sides of the political divide, while his radicalism and ability to mismanage crisis after crisis make him a liability to the future of the country.

On one hand, Biden dropping out would be a relief.

On the other hand, the president doesn’t have much of a record to run on, so he could face a reckon ing at the polls next fall.


There is also the fact that a Kamala Harris administration would irreparably damage the country.

Conservatives, as painful as it is to say it, should probably hope to see Biden on the ticket in 2024 for a better chance at victory.

But according to his biographer, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if the president chose to head off to Delaware for good after his term is up.

During a Sunday conversation with NBC News’ Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” the host asked author Franklin Foer about the possibility.

“If, at the end of this calendar year, Joe Biden announces that he’s not going to seek a second term, based on all your reporting, how much of a surprise will that be to you?” Todd asked.

Foer, a reporter for The Atlantic, replied, “I would say … it would be a surprise to me, but it wouldn’t be a total surprise to me.”

“Wouldn’t be a total shock?” Todd said.

Foer responded, “It wouldn’t be a total shock.”

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