Democrats thought they would get a humiliated and chastened Trump out of the Fulton County mugshot imbroglio and instead they got a glimpse at an American Sulla, with Trump’s penetrating glare sending chills down the spine of anyone who saw his incredible mugshot, one that reveals the president’s simmering anger and hope for retribution.

Fox News host Jesse Watters praised the mugshot for the way Trump stuck to a “hard” look in it while also using it show how the Democrats are attempting to martyr him with persecution by prosecution as he heads into 2024 in what looks like a rematch against Biden for the White House.

Commenting to co-host Jeanine Pirro on Trump’s steely-eyed gaze in the mugshot, Watters said, “And I am now going to book the Fulton County photographer for my Christmas card. Because Judge and I say this with an unblemished record of heterosexuality. He looks good and he looks hard.

Continuing, Watters added that the Democrats are making Trump sympathetic with their persecution of him, saying, “The Democrats have overplayed their hand. They’ve done something that no one else has ever been able to do, and that’s make Trump a sympathetic character. They’ve made him a martyr. And now I want to get arrested because I definitely need some sympathy.


That was similar to what Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton claimed, posting, “The mug shots of @realDonaldTrump and other American innocents are evidence….of the Biden Democratic Party conspiracy to rig an election and to deprive Americans, under color of law, of their civil rights.

In any case, Watters also said that the media, in publishing the mugshot so widely, has created a monster because now people realize what is going on and the image speaks to them on a visceral level, saying, “The media is worried they’ve created a monster and understand how powerful imagery is and traffic imagery for a living and can feel the power of that picture. They can’t control it. It’s not what they thought it would be. No matter what they say about it, you can’t lie to voters about a photograph. You don’t need the media to interpret a photograph for you. They’ve lost their grip on the story and handed Donald Trump a political gift that’ll last a lifetime.

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