According to recent reports, a lawsuit has revealed that the National Archives and Records Administration is in possession of communications containing pseudonyms and fake names that Joe Biden allegedly used during his Vice Presidency under Barrack Obama.

Constitutional attorney Mike Smith appeared on Fox News, where he slammed the Department of Justice for its handling of this matter.  Smith pointed out that if these reports are true it draws into question who else may have these messages.

“Well, you have to look at the big picture here might keep in mind that we have Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation by a special counsel now for all sorts of potentially alleged wrongdoing. What’s interesting here is apparently, if you believe the reports, these emails that Joe Biden allegedly used an alias to communicate with among others. Hunter Biden is you know who else may have these documents other than the National Archives?” he asked.

Smith pointed out why many feel justice is not being applied evenly when comparing the Hunter Biden investigation to the case against Donald Trump.  He questions why the same procedural techniques the DOJ is using against Trump aren’t being applied in the context of Hunter Biden.

“Why is it that the Department of Justice is trying to indict and go after all the people that work for Donald Trump to happen turn state’s evidence against Donald Trump? Why isn’t the same technique being used by the Department of Justice against Hunter Biden to say look, Hunter Biden, we have you potentially in big trouble, you could go to prison for years, maybe even decades, depending on the charge and whatnot. And you have these documents that apparently the National Archives also has, why don’t you turn over these documents and testify against your father,” 

Smith said.

“They would try to take the low level people in a relationship, if you will, and turn them against other people. They’re the so called Big people or the big guy, and one wonders why that’s not happening. When it comes to the mining relationship when they’re doing it every single day in the context of the Trump indictments,” he added.

The discussion continues to play on the alleged disparity in fairness between the two investigations.  The Fox News host addresses claims from the attorney of an IRS whistleblower that the Hunter Biden investigation is being handled unfairly.  Smith states that Hunter Biden appears to have gotten special treatment in his investigation.

“Well, again, it surely does not have the appearance of fairness he does appear, undermined by all accounts appears to be getting a special treatment, and it turns out that Judge Noriega in Delaware by doing her job, but really uncovering the sweetheart deal in detail in court really unraveled what appeared to be a very special deal a special agreement between the Department of Justice and Hunter Biden, and that has now come unraveled.”

Regardless of this alleged unfairness in justice, Donald Trump is running a strong campaign with consolidated support in the Republican party.

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