A Russian talk show host well-known for promulgating state-sponsored propaganda has publicly warned Tucker Carlson that his days may be numbered.

Vladimir Solovyov, whom the Daily Beast describes as “Russia’s most prominent propagandist,” said Thursday that Carlson was in danger — from the American establishment, not the Russians — for claiming that the U.S. would be at war with Russia before the end of 2024.

Solovyov referred to a recent interview Carlson did with former “Man Show” host Adam Corolla on the latter’s eponymous podcast in which he claimed that America was unlikely to prevail in the “hot war between the U.S. and Russia in the next year” that he saw coming.

According to a translation of Thursday’s “The Evening With Vladimir Solovyov” from the Daily Beast, Solovyov responded to that with: “Who says that? A dead man walking!”

“He sincerely believes that the next step after the accusations and the declaration of impeachment will be an assassination of Trump,” the talk show host explained. “But this man, who is currently the most popular English-speaking journalist, signed his own death warrant!”

“I can’t rule out that in the near future, as he is leaving Europe, there will either be an air crash or something will happen to the car in which he will be traveling, or he might eat something that he shouldn’t, maybe his heart will suddenly stop!” Solovyov predicted. “If I were in his place, I would tell no one of my travel routes.”

He also argued that Carls on’s supposed long-standing desire to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin

 and stream the interview on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

“They will not forgive him for the fact that he strives to interview our president and post the footage on a platform that has no censorship,” Solovyov said.

Who, exactly, “they” are was not made clear, as Carlson has a record of calling out people of any and all political stripes and Solovyov was not specific. He recently agreed with David Portnoy on camera that both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are too old to hold the office of the presidency, a position unlikely to be popular with … well, just about anyone.

Earlier that day, Solovyon had interviewed Dimitri Simes, the former president and CEO of Washington foreign policy think tank The Center for the National Interest, who claimed he had tried to help Carlson land an interview with Putin.

Solovyon has also recently claimed that actor Steven Seagal was advocating for the interview to take place.

Newsweek asked Carlson about the story, but received no immediate response Friday.

Solovyon’s claim was also backed up by another Russian propagandist, RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, who also apparently wanted to see the interview happen.

“Tucker is doing a great job. By the way, he’s really asking for an interview with Vladimir Putin,” she said in April, according to Newsweek. “It would be great if someone hears this and gets this message to the president.”

For his part, Solovyon believes — or at least claims to believe — that Carlson’s prediction is accurate.

“We are on the verge of a global hot war! It’s unavoidable because it benefits everyone!” he said, according to the Daily Beast’s translation.

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