Former President Barack Obama’s old Chicago neighbors are practically up in arms over the local government’s plan to dump a bunch of illegal aliens in their community. If they’re looking for a solution, maybe they should look to Obama’s new neighbors on Martha’s Vineyard for the best way to deport foreign nationals.

On Wednesday, residents of the Hyde Park community in Chicago expressed their outrage over a new shelter for hundreds of illegal immigrants coming next week. This week, the city of Chicago abruptly announced that Hyde Park would have to accept the change. Many were furious at the decision and wondered why it was being forced on them.

“I think it’s a basic issue of notification and respect,” local man Emmanuel Jackson said at the meeting. “If these types of wide changes are being made in the community in which we live, we should know about them.”

“How do we know that these are not criminals coming into our community?” one woman asked.

Another lady really let the elected officials have it.

“I don’t want them there. Take them someplace else or send them back to Venezuela. I don’t care where they go,” she yelled. “This is wrong.”

The unnamed woman also wondered what the city government is doing for any of the black homeless Chicagoans.

“You’ve got 73% of the people homeless in this city are Black people,” a woman said. “What have you done for them?”

She’s right about that number, according to 2021 data, and she posed a good question. Maybe what she really should be asking is why Chicago voters keep overwhelmingly voting for Democrats. In 2020, President Joe Biden took home 90% of the vote in Hyde Park. Indeed, the Windy City hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1931. In other words, Chicago voted for illegal immigration. Democratic officials see no problem with it and let it happen.

Or, maybe the ire should be aimed at Obama himself. He got his haircut in Hyde Park and bought a home directly across the street from the neighborhood

 in 2005. When he visited Hyde Park in 2013, he even said, “It’s good to be home!

But, after he left the presidency, he cashed in, got himself a few nice homes, and hasn’t looked back. He couldn’t care less about black Chicago residents. His new presidential library is even being blamed for gentrification.

And why would he really care what happens to a bunch of people whom he doesn’t need to depend on for votes? He’s got a beautiful mansion in Martha’s Vineyard and runs with a new crowd now.

The Vineyard, as it’s known by the lily-white inhabitants, was able to remove 40 illegal aliens in under 48 hours last summer. It was efficient and smooth. They even earned widespread praise for their efforts to send the foreign nationals packing. Those illegal aliens were sent there by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The national press was outraged that he gave The Vineyard little notice.

In Hyde Park, residents were furious with their liberal officials for also not giving any notice.

“Our building is getting a new grocery store. We got public notification three months ago,” Jackson said in disbelief. “So you’re going to change an actual hotel to a shelter – and not tell anybody?”

We don’t expect that the National Guard will come in to assist Hyde Park with getting rid of the illegal aliens. Nor do we expect Chicago locals to really take a radical stand against this chaos by voting Republican. But they should.

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