2024 Democrat presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently came out swinging against Biden and the regime media, while agreeing with Trump and Vivek on some topics, during an interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters, the FNC personality who took over Tucker Carlson’s 8 p.m. primetime slot when Fox News fired Tucker. During the interview, the two men discussed a wide range of political topics, the most notable of which were Trump and Biden.

The interview begins with the two speaking about Biden. Though Mr. Kennedy declined to attack Biden when the Maui wildfires were brought up, he did when Watters asked about Biden’s health. Responding, Mr. Kennedy said, “This job requires a lot people to be in good shape. If he feels that he, he’s up to that, he should debate me.

Then, when Watters pressed on if he thinks Biden will go through with that and debate, Mr. Kennedy launched into a larger attack on Biden, saying, “I don’t think it’s good for the American people and I don’t think it’s good for the Democratic Party if the only people that he has to talk to win this election are his donors.”

Continuing, he added that the president needs to be out among the people, not cloistered and speaking only to the wealthy oligarchs who donate. In his words: “And the head of the DNC, I think he needs to the president should be out talking to the American people. If you’re living in that bubble, or just the only people who have access to you or billionaires, you’re not seeing how actual Americans are living Americans are hurting, like never been before. It’s important for our political leadership to have a dialogue and have engagement with not just me, but with the public.”

The two then moved into discussing the GOP debate, with Mr. Kennedy saying he agrees with Vivek on a number of topics. One such topic is the welfare state. Asking about it, Watters said, “Part of the problem is we also have a federal government that pays single women more not to have a man in the house than to have a man in the house contributing to an epidemic of fatherlessness. What did you mean by that?


Mr. Kennedy, in response, said, “It’s important that they have at least parity with married . . .  And we want to create incentives for people keeping people in marriage. But that if that if you’re penalizing people financially, single mothers are not staying in abusive marriages is not a good thing for anybody.

Then, as the two discussed the Trump mug shot, Mr. Kennedy told Watters that “it was an interesting and probably very shrewd decision for him to put on that very defiant face.” Continuing, he added, “I think it’s very popular with his base.

Mr. Kennedy also brought up his own mugshot and related it to how Trump looked in his, saying, “I had a mug shot when I was a resident in Puerto Rico in 2001 when I was doing a protest against the Navy on a lawsuit that I eventually won got the Navy out of vehicles. When you’re a resident and you get a mug shot, you have a strategic decision about whether how you want to look, I wondered whether he practiced it in front of a mirror, or whether he was just angry at the time and at reflected what he did. But I thought strategic point of view it worked very well for him.”

Later on, when the two discussed the sorry state of the American media, Mr. Kennedy said, “CNN and MSNBC have become, you know, openly partisan, and very, very much aligned with the Democratic National Committee. And, you know, they share the same sort of anger at my candidacy and they don’t they’ll do stories about me but they won’t allow me to talk directly to their audience.

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