An attorney and legal spokeswoman for Donald Trump has provided a big update after the 45th president was indicted in Georgia.

“Russia hoax, impeachment hoax, I mean keep going, keep going, keep going,” Habba said. “What I think is the most frightening is not just the fake news media but that the fake news media, I think, is starting to permeate our court systems and our justice systems, and that’s what scares me.” She said. “If you’re on the right you tend to watch right-wing shows that confirm your beliefs; if you’re on the left you tend to watch things like MSDNC and CNN and that confirms your beliefs on the opposite side.”

“So the real question is, How do we start to open our eyes to the truth? And I think if we don’t have people out there giving the truth and I know I for one and I know you both do this, we try and be intelligent about what we say and not just say what people want to hear.

“I for sure don’t do that, but if people don’t start doing that and stop being afraid of being targeted for being honest Americans we’re going to have a real problem.

“I think the [former] president [Trump] has a good point. You know we have a real tragedy happening in the television sector because people don’t trust what they’re watching. So, we can fix it and I take it seriously. I know you guys do but unfortunately, that’s not the way the American people view it all the time,” she said.

“It’s a serious matter and if [Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis] is gonna bring charges against a former president she better be able to put her big girl pants on and deal with the repercussions and the fight that we’ll give in

A growing number of state Republican lawmakers in Georgia are examining ways to stop DA Willis from prosecuting Trump after she indicted him and 18 others over racketeering allegations linked to the 2020 election.

“Soon after the indictment against Trump and others was filed, discussions were underway to have Willis removed from office or face investigations and impeachment hearings over allegations of a partisan probe against the former president and frontrunner in the 2024 GOP primary,” Newsweek noted

 on Wednesday.

One move some GOP lawmakers are considering is using a law signed by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in May that would allow them to establish a new commission that would have the authority to remove local prosecutors who are deemed unable to fulfill their “constitutional and statutory duties.”

In a statement released then, Kemp’s office said that the creation of the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission (PAQC), which is set to begin receiving complaints about prosecutors starting from October 1, will function as a “valuable oversight mechanism” for district attorneys within the state.

“As hardworking law enforcement officers routinely put their lives on the line to investigate, confront, and arrest criminal offenders, I won’t stand idly by as they’re met with resistance from rogue or incompetent prosecutors who refuse to uphold the law,” Kemp said.

“The creation of the PAQC will help hold prosecutors driven by out-of-touch politics than commitment to their responsibilities accountable and make our communities safer,” he added.

After the measure was signed into law, four district attorneys filed a lawsuit to have it struck down as an alleged violation of both the Georgia state constitution and U.S. Constitution.

In an August 21 post on Facebook, GOP Georgia state Sen. Clint Dixon said he would call on the PAQC to investigate Willis for allegedly targeting Trump for political purposes and her apparent “unabashed goal to become some sort of leftist celebrity.”

“Once the Prosecutorial Oversight Committee is appointed in October, we can call on them to investigate and take action against Fani Willis and her efforts that weaponize the justice system against political opponents,” Dixon wrote.

“This is our best measure, and I will be ready to call for that investigation,” he noted further.

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