For decades, Democrats have taken for granted that black votes belong to them.

Remember President Joe Biden’s “You ain’t black” comment?

With systematic programming, they have convinced the black population that Republicans are racist white supremacists and that their only salvation comes from the Democratic Party.

They build Planned Parenthoods in every black neighborhood and pretend they care about black children.

Instead of raising the standard of education and teaching in inner-city public schools to give black kids a better education and opportunity for well-paying jobs, they focus on teaching children to fear each other on the basis of their skin color, black versus white.


It seemed as if it would never change.

But this election, things seem a little different.

In the past couple of years, the left has gone so far off the cliff that even “loyal Democrats” are starting to slowly wake up out of the hypnosis.

Somehow, the indictment of Trump in Georgia seems to have struck a chord with black people, who feel they have been unjustly treated by the system.

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