Conservative host Megyn Kelly tore into Vice President Kamala Harris over her inability to deliver coherent arguments about policy.

During a recent interview on her SiriusXM podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show,” the former Fox News host slammed Harris over her constant “word salad” explanations of various topics and her inability to clearly define issues to audiences.

“Her and [White House press secretary] Karine Jean-Pierre are cut from the same cloth — actually saying absolutely nothing with tons of words toward that end. It is a skill that shouldn’t be underestimated … it’s an embarrassment,” Kelly said.

“So we’ll laugh at this because it’s obvious drivel. But the left-wing press – they don’t like her. Even the Democrats don’t like her. But remember what they did to [former GOP Vice President] Dan Quayle? She’s not getting that treatment by the press …. Give it like another six months. You’ll get the hit piece on why we’re all sexist and misogynist and racist for having any fun at her expense whatsoever,” Kelly added.

“I did not think she was an idiot. I now think she’s a moron. She’s not that smart. Forgive me, I’m still one of those people who gets wooed by titles like, ‘She was the attorney general in the state of California.’ You know, how dumb could she be? Like, dumb. The answer is very, very dumb,” Kelly declared.

“And I come to that conclusion just with my own eyes and ears from watching and listening to her. She cannot put two sentences together,” the host added.

Kelly also torched President Joe Biden, saying “he can not speak” and voiced similar concerns about his mental fitness for office going into the 2024 presidential election.

At 80 years old, President Joe Biden is definitely showing signs of his age, and that is a problem that more and more Democratic voters are considering as he runs for reelection.

It appears that much of their concern is that, in case he becomes incapacitated and can no longer serve or worse, should he pass away while in office, that would mean Vice President Kamala Harris becomes president — and that’s not something most Americans in either party want to see.

According to a new survey, she is so unpopular that she is seen now harming Biden’s reelection chances.

The Washington Examiner reports:

When Rasmussen Reports asked likely voters, “Is she doing a better job or worse job than most previous vice presidents?” her poor showing demonstrated why some Democrats and liberal media outlets are urging Biden to replace her on his reelection ticket.

According to the new survey shared with Secrets Wednesday, 50% said she is worse than most previous vice presidents, 22% said “better,” and 24% saw no difference.


The contrast might hold significance for Biden’s potential re-election bid.

Rasmussen conducted the survey to gauge whether the former California senator’s influence is beneficial or detrimental to his prospects, and the results indicate that by a margin of 33 percent to 22 percent, voters perceive her impact as more negative than positive. Importantly, and potentially more damaging to her image, 41 percent of respondents expressed the view that Harris had no discernible impact whatsoever.

Earlier this week, George Skelton, a longtime political columnist for the Los Angeles Times, wrote that Biden should replace Harris now so she can return to California and take lame-duck Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s seat.

“Biden’s problem is Harris. She’s a burden — a drag on his reelection prospects,” he wrote.

“A reader emailed me with the remedy: Feinstein could resign from the Senate and Gov. Gavin Newsom could appoint Harris to replace her. Biden then could find a more popular running mate, one more acceptable to voters as a potential successor,” Skelton added.

It’s not the first time the suggestion has been made. John Zogby, a Democratic pollster who likes Biden for some reason, said the same thing in a recent podcast, according to the Examiner.

But Biden appears to have no plans to replace her. In fact, recently, in a memo he wrote — or that someone wrote for him — he said that picking Harris as his running mate “was one of the best decisions I made” and that she remains “the perfect choice.”

A shift in roles could potentially alter the way voters perceive Harris. Rasmussen’s data indicates that her favorability ratings are underwater: According to the recent survey, 42 percent hold a favorable opinion of the vice president, whereas 53 percent view her unfavorably.

Rasmussen discussed the bottom line regarding Harris: “Most voters continue to have a low opinion of Vice President Kamala Harris, and don’t see her as a helpful running mate for President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign.”

Harris has become so unpopular that her approval rating is worse than former Vice President Dick Cheney’s approval after he shot a man in the face by accident with a shotgun.

poll late last month found that nearly half of all voters view Harris negatively, with just 32% approving of her performance in office.

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