If you think President Joe Biden is too old to serve a second term, you’re not alone.

Even a majority of Democrats believe the 80-year-old shouldn’t run again.

He’s already the oldest to ever serve as president, besting Ronald Reagan, who completed his second term at 77.

Reagan, in turn, topped Dwight Eisenhower, who previously held the record, finishing his second term at 70.

Presidents in their 50s and 60s (some 40s) are more the norm through two-plus centuries of American history.

An Associated Press/NORC poll published Monday found that 77 percent of Democrats ages 18 to 44 think Biden is too old to serve again.

Lest you think that’s just the younger folks’ view, 71 percent of those 60 or older believe the same regarding Biden.

Overall, 69 percent of Democrats think he’s too old to serve as the nation’s commander in chief.

When Republicans and independents are added in, that figure rises to 77 percent.

Further, 77 percent said age is a bigger issue for Biden than for former President Donald Trump, who’s 77.

Just 51 percent of those surveyed said Trump — the leading GOP contender in 2024 — is too old to serve another term as president.

The survey was conducted Aug. 10-14 via online and telephone interviews with 1,165 adults. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3.8 percentage points.

Even if Biden were their party’s nominee for president next year, a significant percentage of Democrats said they would not vote for him.

Only 43 percent overall said they would definitely support him, while 39 percent said they would probably do so. A combined 18 percent responded they probably or definitely would not vote for him.


That’s a lot of votes to drop, particularly in swing states such as Arizona and Georgia, where less than 1 percent of the ballots cast decided the races in 2020.

Biden holds about a 1 percent edge over Trump in the Real Clear Politics average of polls, though the former president has beaten him in some individual surveys by the New York Post and Yahoo News.

Trump used the mug shot from his fourth indictment by Democratic prosecutors so far this year to raise money for his campaign.

He parlayed the photo into $7.1 million in campaign donations in the few days since he was booked on charges that he tried to interfere in Georgia’s election in 2020, Politico reported.

“On Friday alone, Trump raised $4.18 million, making it the single-highest 24-hour period of his campaign to date, according to a person familiar with the totals,” the report said.

One has to admire the New Yorker’s never-quit attitude.

In an interview last week, Tucker Carlson asked Trump, “How do you get indicted every week and stay cheerful?”

“I think it’s a lot easier because I’m so high in the polls, because it means the people get it,” the Republican responded.

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