Former Division I swimmer Riley Gaines recently slammed a California library for shutting down a speaking event for a female soccer player who criticized biological males competing against biological women.

Collegiate soccer player Sophia Lorey was set to speak at a library in Davis, California, about her experience as an athlete.  However, when Lorey began to address the crowd at the event, she was aggressively shouted down by a mob of leftists.  Apparently, the athlete’s assertion that it is unfair for men to compete against women triggered the woke attendees, who subsequently could not control their emotions.

Lorey explained what happened at the speaking event through a post on X (formerly Twitter).  Reportedly, Lorey was informed that she would be “removed” from the premises if she continued to discuss her opinions on the nature and fairness of women’s sports.

“I stated, ‘Current 10 year old girls cannot live out the same dream [I had] as long as men are allowed to compete in womens sports. So now no matter how hard girls work…’ And then I was cut off and told by the librarian I would be removed, so then I continued talking saying ‘biological girls’ and ‘biological men’ to finish sharing my story,” Lorey said in her post. “The librarian then told me to leave and if I won’t leave he will shut the entire meeting down.”  “The librarian then again told me to leave so I directly said why am I being asked to leave and he told me ‘Because you are misgendering, you were talking about men in women sports,’”

 she added.

Riley Gaines, who has also faced similar backlash from the woke mob, entered the conversation around Lorey, slamming the library for throwing out the athlete.  She criticized how Lorey was silenced as a woman attempting to speak about her experiences.  Gaines suggested it will take the silent majority voicing their opinions to restore common sense to this issue.

“This young girl joins the long list of female athletes silenced for opposing unfair competition and giving up consent in areas of undressing where males are present,” Gaines stated on her show “Gaines for Girls Podcast.” “Notice these were men trying to silence her and not women. Unfortunately, this isn’t surprising anymore. The silent majority is needed more than ever to restore sanity.”

Gaines also took to X, where she continued bashing the library for abhorrent actions against Lorey.  She pointed out that it’s no longer surprising to see this behavior while applauding Lorey for standing her ground against the incivility. “This is ridiculous, but not shocking….a female athlete silenced for calling a spade a spade. They won’t even engage in a civil conversation. Props to this gal for sticking her ground.”

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