President Joe Biden is being criticized on social media for an error posted to his personal X account, @JoeBiden, regarding a clean energy milestone.

The president included a photograph of him with employees on a factory floor below his caption claiming most U.S. power will come from clean energy by 2023. The actual target date is 2030, according to a Fox News report.

“The Inflation Reduction Act is projected to help triple wind power and increase solar power eightfold, while electricity deployed through the U.S. power grid is expected to be powered by 81% clean energy by 2023,” Biden remarked.

The U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy clarified that clean or renewable energy currently accounts for approximately 20% of energy consumed in the U.S.

In order for the claims in Biden’s post to be accurate, clean energy production in the next four months would have to grow by 300% more than it has since the 1970s, which seems unlikely.

A “Community Notes” message appended to Biden’s X post noted the error.

“2030, not 2023, is the White House target date for 81% of US electricity to be produced by clean energy, as POTUS previously posted,” the fact-check stated.

This correction was supported by a link to a previous post from the president.

“Because of our historic clean energy action, by 2030, electricity deployed through the U.S. power grid is expected to be powered by 81 percent clean energy,” Biden said. “Imagine the impact that will have on the climate and the air we breathe.”


The community note included a link to a CNBC article that reported the White House is pushing for 80% clean U.S. power grid by 2030.

Several critics took to the platform to comment on the blunder.

“We’re in 2023 already, genius,” remarked conservative user Rich Weinstein.

Daniel Turner, executive director of Power the Future commented, “It is 2023. And we’re not at 81%. This makes zero sense so I guess you tweeted it yourself.”

“You owe me gas money,” Rebel News’ Yanky Pollak responded.

“Im sure the slave children who mine minerals for batteries are grateful,” quipped conservative columnist Tim Young.

Former New York GOP Senate candidate Paul Szypula criticized Biden’s energy approach.

“Biden is taking staged selfies like an egomaniac while he brags about ‘clean energy’ — meanwhile energy prices are through the roof,” Szypula said.

“And there’s nothing clean about solar and wind energy,” he continued. “Their manufacturing creates a lot of pollution. They’re also inconsistent and unreliable.

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