Donald Trump’s mugshot will be the most trafficked photo in the history of planet Earth because social media is so ubiquitous.

Yesterday, he went to the Fulton County jailhouse where he was arrested and fingerprinted. They took his picture. The mugshot is now out.

It’s a win for Trump to have his mugshot taken. The Left thought it would be a win for them, but here’s the thing about Trump: Trump is a walking, living, breathing meme. He is made for TV. He is made for the Internet. He’s changed our age because of that.

It’s not as though no one knew he was arrested. It’s not as though it was a shock dawning on the American people that Donald Trump is under indictment in four separate jurisdictions. We’ve known about all of this for months.

What the mugshot does — especially this particular mugshot — is give Trump the appearance of somebody who is bravely standing up to forces that are going after him.

Whatever else you can say about the guy, he was a TV star; he knows what he looks like on camera. There is zero chance that before he did this mugshot, he didn’t sit with his team and say, “Okay, what expression should I use in the mugshot since it’s going to be the most trafficked photo of me ever? What expression should I use?”

This is a pitch-perfect shot for Trump’s purposes; he doesn’t look as though he’s afraid or concerned or anxious. He doesn’t even look angry.

He looks determined. The goal here is to look as though he is the face of doom and coming for his enemies.


And that’s what it looks like.

This is what he is going to convey for the rest of the campaign: I’m coming for my enemies. And your enemies are my enemies.

There’s a reason why he’s already trotting it out on the mugs; there’s a reason why he’s already trotting it out on the T-shirts and the cash machines at the Trump headquarters are going nonstop.

Everybody knew that Donald Trump was supposed to show up for the arrest at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time last night. At exactly that time, Joe Biden tweeted out, “Apropos of nothing, I think today’s a great day to give to my campaign.”

Those are bad optics for Biden. Trump’s entire case here is that the Democratic Party infrastructure is going after Donald Trump to make Joe Biden president. So at the exact time that Trump is showing up to be arrested, Biden tweets out, “I think today’s a great day to give to my campaign.”

Biden and Co. claim this isn’t a political prosecution and then Biden tweets out that message exactly as the arrest is happening, rather than, “This is a sad day for our country.”

To tweet that message at precisely that time is just disgusting.

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