Several prominent Democrats took to social media to voice their opinions about Wednesday’s GOP debate while the eight candidates were speaking.

No one is trying to allow abortions right up to birth,” former Democrat congressman Al Franken posted to his X account. “You a–hole, DeSantis”

“Sorry. I meant “you jerk,” he seemed to correct the offensive adjective in his original post.

The comedian-turned-congressman reverted to form by trying to be funny with another follow-up tweet.

“No, “a–hole” was right,” Franken concluded his thread.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) addressed her base like they are not very bright people

“Democrats delivered 13.4 million jobs, rescuing our economy by growing the middle class,” Rep. Pelosi said in a post to her X.

“But everyone at the #GOPdebate wants to harm working families sitting at their kitchen tables,” she continued, “to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy sitting at their boardroom tables. Not on our watch!”

First, her numbers make no sense. According to data supplied by the U.S. Department of Labor, there were 140,886,310 in May 2021, soon after President Joe Biden’s Inauguration.

DOL data shows there were 147,886,000 employed people nationwide, in May 2022. The agency does not provide May 2023 data on its website yet, for some reason.

It appears, though, that Pelosi exaggerated the number of jobs “delivered” during the Biden administration. Maybe she meant “delivery” jobs?


It is also disingenuous for the California multimillionaire to empathize with working families. She claims Republicans are taxing working families to subsidize “the wealthy sitting at their boardroom tables.”

Maybe the ultra-wealthy Democrat was sitting at the kitchen table of her $20 million San Francisco mansion while firing off tweets about standing up for the little guy.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich commented on the Republican candidates’ concerns about national debt.

He claimed in an X post that, “Republicans happily added $8 trillion to the national debt under Trump, about a quarter of that resulting from tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations.

The tweetstorm from nationally prominent Democrats apparently emboldened relatively unknown party members to pile on during the debate. A Texas Democrat blasted GOP candidates about border security.

“The Republicans cheering for war with Mexico are taking the United States down a dark, dangerous path,” declared Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX).

The Texas Democrat makes no mention about his party’s support for war in Ukraine, though.

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