Incumbent President Joe Biden has long been on the proverbial hot seat, well before the specter of 2024 re-election began looming large.

The state of the economy, out-of-control inflation and skyrocketing gas prices have all contributed to Biden being as deeply unpopular as any president in recent history.

Given all that, a 2024 re-election bid was always going to be an uphill slog for Biden and his team — and that’s before a slew of attempts to impeach the president.

None of those threats of impeachment carry the same weight as the one from Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, however, and he’s starting to turn the heat up on those threats.

Speaking to Fox Business’s Larry Kudlow, McCarthy shared some fascinating insights and timelines into prospective impeachment proceedings against Biden.

“So I take it, if I understand you, you as Speaker McCarthy have not yet made up your mind whether to actually launch an impeachment inquiry [against President Biden],” Kudlow said.

“Well, listen,” McCarthy began. “The thing that holds up whether to do [an] impeachment inquiry: Provide us the documents we’re asking. The whole determination here is how the Bidens handle this.

“If they provide us the documents, there wouldn’t be a need for impeachment inquiry. But if they withhold the documents and fight like they have now to not provide to the American public what they deserve to know, we will move forward with impeachment inquiry when we come back into session.”

Two quick points of clarification:

  • The documents McCarthy is speaking of are related to purported illegal business dealings involving Hunter Biden
     (and which purportedly enriched the president, as well.)
  • If articles of impeachment do move forward, it wouldn’t be until September. Congress is off the entire month of August, so “when we come back into session” would be Sept. 5.

While McCarthy appears to be taking his time in how best to approach the unenviable task of impeaching a sitting president, the same cannot be said of some of his GOP colleagues.

Earlier this month, Republican Rep. Greg Steube of Florida leapfrogged his colleagues to eschew protocol and filed four articles of impeachment against Biden.

While that may be a more brazen example of impeachment efforts against the incumbent president, it’s hardly the only example.

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert have both expressed that Biden should be impeached, as has Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale. Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Ralph Norman have also jumped on this sentiment.

While all of those aforementioned lawmakers obviously wield some power, none are the Speaker of the House, and thus none of their impeachment inquiries carry the same heft as McCarthy’s.

And based on that interview with Kudlow, McCarthy is inching ever closer (both literally and temporally) to that Sept. 5 due date.

That’s bad news for Biden.

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