The Secret Service has arrested a Chicago woman after she allegedly sent multiple emails to a Florida school threatening to kill former President Donald Trump and his teen son, Barron, reports said late Monday.

CBS News reported that a law enforcement source confirmed that prosecutors had gathered the evidence before alerting the Secret Service.

“I will shoot Donald Trump Sr. AND Barron Trump straight in the face at any opportunity that I get,” Tracy Fiorenza allegedly emailed the headmaster of a Palm Beach school on May 21, 2023,  said a criminal complaint that was filed in Florida earlier this month, the outlet reported.

On another occasion, Fiorenza, 41, allegedly emailed the same school official, who was not named in the complaint, writing, “I am going to slam a bullet in Baron Trump’s head with his father IN SELF DEFENSE!”

Secret Service agents traveled to Chicago and interviewed Fiorenza on June 14, according to the complaint, where she reportedly admitted to them that she had indeed sent the threatening emails.

CBS News added:

Fiorenza appeared in Chicago federal court Monday and will likely be transferred to Florida, where the charges against her were filed. A detention hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

The arrest comes days after a Texas woman was taken into custody after leaving a threatening voicemail on the office phone of federal Judge Tayna Chutkan, who is overseeing special counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution of Trump in Washington, D.C. 

Meanwhile, Trump’s indictments do not appear to be harming him among the GOP electorate. In fact, according to a CNN polling data analyst, Trump is in a “stronger” position now that at any time during the 2020 election cycle.

In an interview segment with host Jim Acosta on Sunday, analyst Harry Enten said current polling data suggest that Trump appears to be gaining momentum at a clip unseen during his last campaign, which occurred at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The GOP base has made up its mind when it comes to these indictments. They don’t believe that Trump should have been charged with a crime. The vast majority believe that. And the fact is, it just does not seem like there’s any changing of their minds on any of this, no matter how many indictments there are,” he told host Jim Acosta, who seemed equally shocked by the findings.


“The vast majority of the Republicans are not in that Never-Trump camp. Look at the horse race numbers compared to where they were six months ago, and what do you see? In fact, you see Trump higher than he was back in February, six months ago,” Enten continued, adding, “53 percent in a recent FOX News poll.

“There has been movement downward for one candidate, Ron DeSantis! From 28 percent to 16 percent. There is one other candidate… [Vivek] Ramaswamy, who wasn’t even asked in the February poll, he’s at 11 percent now. He’s actually closing in on DeSantis for second place,” Enten continued.

“But at this point, it is Donald Trump against the field. He has the majority of Republicans in his camp, and it doesn’t seem like there’s any stopping him at this particular point,” he continued.

“You might think because the majority of Americans do think Trump did something illegal, at least on one of those indictments, that it might be impacting his general election standing. But the fact is, this is from Quinnipiac University, it was a two-point race; now it is a one-point race,” he noted further. “There are a lot of Democrats who simply can’t believe Donald Trump could be elected president again. The polling indicates he is, in fact, in a stronger position at this point than he was during the entire 2020 campaign.”

“When the race is that close, it comes down to the Electoral College, and who knows what happens with that,” Acosta began. “We don’t even have those kinds of numbers just yet.

“But from a national standpoint, you’re absolutely right. It is remarkable where Trump stands right now when it comes to the rest of this field and with general election voters,” he added.

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