Former Vice President Mike Pence plans to set himself apart from other candidates during this week’s Republican presidential primary debate by just being himself, believing that voters will let his record speak for itself.

During an interview with ABC News’ Jonathan Karl on “This Week,” Pence was asked about his strategy for the debate and how he intends to “break through” on stage. 

“I’ve had a little bit of experience with nationally televised debates. But it’s – it’s different with a group on stage,” he responded. “And, look, I’m – I’m just going to be me. I mean I feel like I’ve been preparing for this first Republican presidential debate my whole life.”

Pence believes that he has name recognition, something he felt as he has traveled across the country over the last several weeks with his wife, but that many voters don’t know the man behind the name.

“I’m well known but I’m not known well,” he said. “Most people know me as that – that loyal vice president who fought alongside President Trump until the day came that my oath to the Constitution required me to stand apart.”


“One of my goals in that debate is for the American people, Republican primary voters, to get to know me in a little bit broader context and to demonstrate the kind of leadership that we bring to this, which I think is what the moment calls for,” he added.

“Look, this country’s in a lot of trouble,” he continued. “Joe Biden has weakened America at home and abroad. I think there’s no time for on-the-job training. I want to project when I’m on that stage to the American people all of what came with the experience of serving as vice president, as a governor, and as a member of Congress. And my determination to bring that experience and that conservative record to bear on the challenges facing this country.”

Pence also addressed the possibility that former President Donald Trump would not attend the debate, saying that the former president often makes up his mind at the last moment and saying that he hoped Trump would make an appearance.

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