Summertime is nearing its end, and most American families that could take a vacation have. Joe Biden’s bad economic policies have made even the smallest expenses difficult. Many campers have remained unused due to high gas prices, and many families have stayed close to home, weathering the economic storm as best they can.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Joe Biden from enjoying his Summer, as the absent American president has taken vacation after vacation on the taxpayer’s dime, even as the aforementioned taxpayers have struggled to pay rent and buy food.

In just the last several weeks, Biden and company have enjoyed a luxurious ten-day beach vacation at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware even as deadly wildfires ravaged parts of Hawaii. When asked about the fires on the island that have devastated so many lives, Biden could only say “no comment” as he lay in the sun on a lounge chair.

Now, just a scant few days after returning to “work” at the White House, Biden is once again off on another lavish vacation. This time, Joe, Jill, Hunter, and the family are in Lake Tahoe. After hosting leaders from Japan and South Korea at Camp David Friday, Joe jetted off to Tahoe to meet up with Hunter and the rest of the kids and grandkids, that is, except for 4-year-old Navy, who Biden only recently acknowledged existed.

Joe Biden has spent an estimated 40% of his presidency on vacation, whether it be at loaned-out resort houses, Camp David, or his own place at Rehoboth Beach. While the left savaged President Trump every time he picked up a golf club, Biden has more than doubled the long weekends at Camp David that Trump took.

This particular trip is of interest because of whose house the Biden clan is using. The Biden’s are vacationing at the lavish estate of 2020 rival and green climate investor Tom Steyer. It should be recalled that Steyer spent, or more accurately wasted, millions of his own dollars in what can only be described as an abject failure of a campaign.


Steyer is also a hefty contributor to the Democratic party as well as a notorious climate alarmist. There have been questions raised about who, if anyone, besides the American taxpayer, is paying for the accommodations. An official statement was released addressing the question“The First Family is renting a private home for their stay in Lake Tahoe. The home belongs to Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor. The First Family is renting the home for fair market value.”

Regardless, whatever “fair market value” is, we all know where the money comes from to house Joe, Hunter, and company. Biden will be taking a break from vacation Monday to finally visit Hawaii and tour the devastation over a week since the deadly fires happened.

Whatever the reason for the multiple Biden vacations, it isn’t a good look. In fact, it smacks of an era when the peasants were flippantly instructed to eat cake. We all know how that worked out. It could also be argued that at Biden’s advanced age, he needs a lighter workload. He has run the car so far off the road when he actually works, perhaps an extended vacation would be good for everyone involved.

Either way, Joe and his shady son are off again on the taxpayer’s dime, and Americans should be angry. Hopefully, people are paying attention and will remember who is actually working for them in 2024.

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