A left-wing elementary school teacher who thought her leftism was more important than the law learned a lesson of her own when her attempt to indoctrinate children with the radical LGBT agenda got her fired this month.

On Thursday, the Cobb County School Board voted to fire fifth-grade teacher Katie Rinderle from Due West Elementary School for pointedly reading an LGBT book to her children in class in violation of the Peach State’s Divisive Concepts Law (SB 377), a new law signed this year and enacted to ban inappropriate sexual and racial material in class.

GOP Gov. Brian Kemp signed the law in April 2022 saying that lawmakers have “put students and parents first by keeping woke politics out of the classroom and off the ball fields,” NBC News reported at the time.

The district superintendent, Chris Ragsdale, voted to fire the politically-motivated and LGBT-grooming teacher, as did three other members of the seven-member school board.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the school board’s decision overrode a recommendation by three former teachers that convened to hear the case ahead of the school board meeting. Their decision was to allow Rinderle to keep her job.

It isn’t at all surprising that former teachers voted to let a teacher who clearly and purposefully violated a state law to remain in the classroom. Who would expect them to vote otherwise?

Rinderle was confronted with charges of breaking the law in March when she read the radical gay-themed book, “My Shadow Is Purple,” by Scott Stuart, in class, the Associated Press reported.

The teacher, who had been at her job for 10 years, acted the part of the left’s loyal foot soldier by reading a book to her class that she knew was not appropriate for 10-year-old children. “My Shadow Is Purple” features a supposed “non-binary” character that challenges gender norms and pushes radical sexual identity politics on kids.

Naturally, the leftist hate group, The Southern Poverty Law Center, was aghast at the teacher’s firing for pushing the indoctrination of kids. On Thursday, the SPLC posted a statement from this politically-motivated teacher who bemoaned her firing and claimed the book she was reading was merely “inclusive and affirming.”

“I am disappointed in the district’s decision to terminate me for reading an inclusive and affirming book — one that is representative of diverse student identities,” Rinderle said in her statement.

“The district is sending a harmful message that not all students are worthy of affirmation in being their unapologetic and authentic selves.

“This decision, based on intentionally vague policies, will result in more teachers self-censoring in fear of not knowing where the invisible line will be drawn. Censorship perpetuates harm and students deserve better.”


Rinderle’s attorney also claimed that the firing over the gay book is illegitimate.

“There is no legitimate explanation for this termination,” attorney Craig Goodmark told the disgraced and radical SPLC.

“To fire a teacher under a law that no two people could agree on is wrong.

“Ms. Rinderle, like other Georgia educators, does not know where the lines are drawn when it comes to sensitive, controversial, or divisive concepts. After two days of trial, we still do not know.”

The teacher also claimed that she gave her class several book options and they chose the gay-themed book, WAGA-TV reported. She offered no evidence of this, so there is no telling if she gave the kids the impression that “My Shadow Is Purple” is the one she wanted them to choose.

Regardless, according to WSB-TV, Ragsdale noted that the book Rinderle read to her class “violated Georgia’s 2022 classroom censorship law banning so-called divisive concepts, mostly about race, even though legal advocates say the law is vague and contradicts the U.S. Constitution.”

“The Cobb County School District is very serious about the classroom being a neutral place for students to learn,” school district lawyer Sherry Culves said at the hearing, the AP reported. “One-sided instruction on political, religious or social beliefs does not belong in our classrooms.”

“The district is pleased that this difficult issue has concluded; we are very serious about keeping our classrooms focused on teaching, learning, and opportunities for success for students. The board’s decision is reflective of that mission,” the district said in a statement after the firing was announced.

Rinderle is believed to be the first public school teacher whose attempt to force her left-wing politics on Georgia’s small children got her fired, according to AP.

This is all very good. The radical transgender ideology does not belong in schools. The law is not a suggestion to be ignored if left-wing teachers think their ideology and intentions to indoctrinate kids on sexual topics that they are neither emotionally nor intellectually ready to consider should place them above the law.

Teachers who think their personal political agenda is more important than actually educating kids do not belong in the classroom.

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