As the 2024 primary heats up, the various GOP candidates are trying to carve a base of support among the different segments of the population that vote reliably Republican, such as gun owners and Christians. One of them, however, is already dominating the Christian demographic, giving him a major base of support heading into primary season.

That would be former President Donald Trump. Despite his personal moral issues, such as the Stormy Daniels affair and his being on wife number three, Trump has

Tony Perkins, the founder and president of the Family Research Council, a Christian advocacy organization, spoke about the support that President Donald Trump has among Christians, saying that Trump holds the loyalty of many of them because of the victories he delivered for them while in office.

Perkins said, “Donald Trump kind of raised the bar, which sounds a little odd on its face, because he certainly was not a candidate when given his background, and everything that evangelicals would have been drawn toward. But when you look at how he performed as president in what he did in terms of advancing or restoring policies that respected faith and upheld a moral foundation, no one comes close.”

Perkins added, speaking about Trump’s wins delivered for Christians, “When you look at his four years as president and how he championed all of these issues, and look at how he continues to push back on the left. He puts himself into a position that many who have been marginalized and attacked by the culture identify with. So I think he’s in a very strong position from this standpoint.


Similarly, Robert Jeffress, the pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, and host of the radio show Pathway To Victory, said that Trump is the winner by a very wide margin among Evangelicals and that, even if they’ve been considering other candidates, he’s generally their guy in this election cycle.

Jeffress said, “I think he’s the undisputed favorite. I made a prediction shortly after he announced his candidacy last November. I said that eventually, evangelicals would coalesce again around Trump, some of them might try to kick the tires of different candidates, but eventually, they would coalesce. What I didn’t realize was that ‘eventually’ would come sooner than anybody expected.

The polling bears out that Trump is the top pick among Evangelicals. According to Reuters, Trump won a massive 80% of white evangelical voters in 2016 and a similarly huge 76% in 2020. Then, a March poll found that in a head-to-head matchup, Trump is currently holding 51% of the evangelical vote over DeSantis’ 42%.

Given that Trump has been ascendant since then as DeSantis has stumbled, with Hindu Vivek Ramaswamy picking up much of the support DeSantis lost, it seems likely that Trump’s commanding lead is now even higher. Further, after the primary, the support Trump still holds among Christians will likely mean a massive win with that demographic in the general election.

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