CNN’s Jake Tapper admitted Friday afternoon that Donald Trump was correct and Joe Biden was wrong about Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals when the two addressed the issue during a 2020 presidential debate.

Tapper made the comment during a roundtable discussion on the current scandal embroiling the president and his administration as Congressional Republicans dig further into Hunter’s foreign business dealings and his father’s alleged influence in securing over $20 million since he took office as vice president in 2009.

Tapper started the segment by citing a Washington Post article

 that stated, “Hunter Biden reported nearly $2.4 million in income in 2017 and $2.2 million in income in 2018 — most of which came from Chinese or Ukrainian interests.”

“And this directly goes against what Joe Biden said in the debate in 2020 with Donald Trump,” Tapper said before playing a clip of Biden denying that Hunter made money from Chinese business dealings while Trump berated Biden, saying that his son “made a fortune in Ukraine, in China, in Moscow.”

“Trump was right,” Tapper added. “I mean, [Hunter] did make a fortune from China, and Joe Biden was wrong. I don’t know that he was lying about it. He might not have been told by Hunter, but this blind spot is a problem.”

According to a memo released last week by the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee, bank records show that oligarchs from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan paid millions of dollars to Hunter Biden, his Rosemont Seneca entities, and his business partner Devon Archer — in some cases for work services (such as his board role at Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings), in other cases less clear — when Joe Biden was vice president.

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