There’s a reason former President Donald Trump’s supporters love him so much.

There’s a reason thousands of them will brave the weather and stand in line for hours just to hear him speak.

There’s a reason Trump’s poll numbers keep going up despite four criminal indictments and a possible prison sentence of a total of 712.5 years looming over him.

In a fundraising email to his supporters Thursday, the leading GOP 2024 presidential contender wrote, “I will continue to speak out against the disturbing downfall of our once great country – but there’s one thing you will NEVER hear me say.”

“You will never hear me feel sorry for myself,” Trump said. “You will never hear me lose hope in our country.”

“When I chose to run against the ruling class as a complete political outsider, I knew what I was getting myself into,” the former president’s email said. “I knew that the Deep State would use the full weight of the federal government to try and take me down.

“But the Deep State made one massive mistake … They didn’t realize that they wouldn’t just have to take me down, but the millions and millions of hardworking Americans who refuse to surrender our country as well.”

“Together, we have defied every narrative, we have outsmarted the so-called experts, and we have trumped the special interest globalist donors,” Trump said.

“So, let me once again say to all our haters and enemies who want to put me BEHIND BARS for the rest of my life as an innocent man – I WILL NEVER SURRENDER OUR MISSION,” he said.

“We will prevail against these vicious witch hunts.

“We will win back the White House.

“We will save America from tyranny.


That was followed by an appeal for campaign donations, although before that section, the email said, “If you’re doing poorly due to the very sinister people in the White House, then stop reading here. I hope you are now thoroughly inspired to go about your day and NEVER GIVE UP our mission to save America!”

Writer and podcaster Jason James explained the Trump phenomenon this way:

“Americans voted for Trump to spite the machine that routinely grinds them up and spits them out,” he wrote Wednesday on X, the platform formerly called Twitter. “They weren’t voting for him specifically as a candidate, but rather, against the establishment and the woke leftist agenda.


“But in a surprising twist, Trump actually proved to be worthwhile as a president. He didn’t start any new wars and the American economy seemed to show signs of life again. He wasn’t a traditional president by any means, but Americans wanted somebody who would tell it to them straight in plain english.

“After 8 years of Obama’s linguistic gymnastics and the disappointment in realizing he was just a continuation of the same old bulls***, Americans went all the way to the extreme with Trump to ensure that at least they had somebody who wasn’t just an empty suit.

“Trump was brash, bombastic, raw and unrefined. And that’s exactly what America wanted- somebody who talks and walks like they do.”

WARNING: The following post contains vulgar language that some readers may find offensive.

James made some very good points.

Trump deviated from the script, and people either loved him or hated him for it.

Most of those who loved him didn’t see him as a superhero or a cult guru, as his opponents claim, but rather as a flawed man who never stopped trying to do his job as the leader of the nation.

It wasn’t about making money or pushing some globalist agenda.

It wasn’t starting wars or keeping them endlessly going to fuel the war machine and fill the pockets of warmongers.

It was about America and its people.

And even though his Twitter feed might not have been the most polite, people believed him when he said that he was fighting for them, and that what was important to them was important to him, no matter what it took.

There’s a reason this man makes so many people feel like there is hope for the nation.

He still makes them believe that America is good. And that it can be great again. And that he will fight for them, even if he is the only one left standing.

Even if it takes 712.5 years.

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