Former President Donald Trump has revealed what he plans to do if he’s elected president in 2024, and it’s not good news for President Joe Biden.

He said this week after being indicted again — this time by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis — that he will appoint a “real” special counsel to look into allegations of corruption involving the current president and his family.

Trump’s remarks also came after U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland on Friday appointed U.S. Attorney David Weiss as a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden — a move that was widely panned on the right as nothing more than political optics, given that Weiss has been investigating Hunter for years already and was one of the architects behind the “sweetheart” plea deal that fell apart last month in a Delaware federal courtroom.

As The Western Journal noted: “Hunter was to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax evasion crimes and pledge to stay drug-free for two years so he could have a gun possession crime dropped. According to an IRS whistleblower, he skipped paying $1.2 million in taxes in 2017 and 2018. Further, Weiss allowed the statute of limitations to run on tax years 2014 and 2015, which reportedly included felony charges that could have readily been brought.”

“It is now 100 percent proven that the Biden crime family received more than $20 million from foreign countries, while crooked Joe was vice president, and probably a lot more than that. That’s just the money they found,” the former president said in a campaign video.

“What were they doing getting all of this money?” Trump asked.

“I believe we have a compromised president. He was bribed, and now he’s being blackmailed. He’s a Manchurian Candidate. That’s why Crooked Joe is letting other countries walk all over the United States. He’s afraid to bring it up. He doesn’t want to talk,” the Republican said.

“He’s petrified of China because they know exactly how much money has been given to him, and they know exactly where it is. China has paid him a fortune,” Trump alleged.


He went on to list the things Biden has done to empower and embolden China at the expense of the U.S.

For one, Biden closed down Trump’s initiative to ID Chinese spies operating in the United States and did nothing to deter Beijing from establishing military ties with Cuba, including a base.

He has also effectively allowed China to take control of the Panama Canal, which the U.S. actually built early in the 20th century. Also, in recent days, China and Russia have conducted joint naval exercises off the Aleutian Islands near Alaska.

“This never would have happened if I was president. If they even thought about it, I would have shut it down instantly,” Trump said.

“Crooked Joe’s corruption is a glaring threat to national security. Between the millions and millions of dollars he’s gotten from China and the millions of dollars from Ukraine, Joe Biden’s greed and criminality is going to get us into World War III,” Trump noted further.

As far as payments to the Biden family, the House Oversight Committee and Judiciary Committee have said they uncovered evidence of money flowing through multiple bank accounts from a plethora of foreign sources, including China, Russia, and Ukraine.

“As soon as I am re-elected,” Trump said, “I will appoint a real special counsel or maybe you’ll call it a special prosecutor — whatever you want to call it, you can — to look at these bribes, kickbacks, crimes, as well as the shameless attempt at a cover-up. Justice will be done.”

“We have to get there first. We have to win the election. They’re trying to step in my way at every path, because the one person they don’t want to run is Donald Trump,” he concluded.

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