Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott told a whiny Australian woman to go back to her own country on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, on Monday after he came across a video of her railing against the prevalence of American flags in the U.S.

The woman, who Yahoo News identified as Mia Chloe, seemed to be in the country from Sydney.

In a short clip that was first posted on TikTok but made its way onto X, she told her followers, “I’m just gonna say it, there are too many American flags.”

“Like, they’re on houses, they’re on cars. I saw them on couch cushions. Like, I don’t know who’s making these Americans flags, but they’ve been making a bloody fortune,” Chloe continued.

“And like, you’re the only country that I know that does this,” she added. “Like, the only time I’ve seen an Australian flag is on the Harbour Bridge … could not tell you what it looks like.”

The unpatriotic Aussie concluded of her own country’s flag, “I know it’s, like, blue, and it’s got some stars on it.”

She concluded her screed by asking for people to “stay humble,” and also said she could “draw the American flag from memory.”

“Let’s pull back on it, okay,” Chloe said.

While Chloe and many of her fellow Aussies might not show outward pride in their country, Americans tend to be proud of defeating the British military (twice) to form what would become the greatest country in world history.

Australia, which was founded as a colony for English criminals, does not share a similar origin story.


In any event, Chloe drew the ire of many on social media — including Abbott.

The Texas Republican shared her video on Monday evening and commented, “Go back to Australia.”

America is inundated by left-wing citizens, visa overstayers and illegal immigrants who either hate the American flag or who instead hoist the flags of their native countries — places they chose to move away from but can’t let go of.

Those of us who fly the flag on our homes and businesses owe people like Chloe no explanation for why we do so.

Perhaps someone can tell her that American industrial might, patriotism and grit almost certainly stopped her own country from being invaded by the Japanese military following the Battle of Midway in 1942.

While I’ve never visited Australia, the last thing I would do if I were walking the streets of Sydney would be to criticize the culture of the place on social media.

Speaking of social media, Chloe’s accounts appear to have been taken down since she posted her screed against the Stars and Stripes.

My guess is she got an earful, and deservedly so.

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