Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is being lit up online for making fun of a viral video of a woman’s mental health episode on an airplane — just months after he was hospitalized for clinical depression.

As the saying goes, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

Fetterman, who spent six weeks at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this year for clinical depression, missed the memo.

In an attempt to take a shot at Republican 2024 Senate candidate David McCormick, Fetterman (or someone running his X account) used viral footage from a low moment of a woman named Tiffany Gomas.

Last month, Gomas created a stir aboard an American Airlines flight when she became emotional, expressed fears something was wrong with the aircraft and notoriously said one of her fellow passengers was “not real.”

Gomas has apologized for the incident, which has made her into a meme, and taken accountability while calling for more mental health


On Sunday, she spoke at length about the July 2 incident on Instagram and also commented, “This experience has been life-altering and I hope to do good from it and promote positive mental health.”

Monday, Fetterman’s account posted an altered version of the Gomas video, which was used to imply McCormick is not a “real” Pennsylvanian.

To call the clip “below the belt” would be an understatement.

Fetterman, whose mental and physical health issues are well-documented, did not comment on why he chose to use the lowest moment of Gomas’ life in order to try to raise money for Democratic Sen. Bob Casey, who McCormick is challenging.

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