After yet another Democratic DA brought an indictment against former President Donald Trump late Monday, Republicans came roaring back.

In the House and the Senate, Republican lawmakers went public with fury at the “weaponization” of the supposedly neutral criminal justice system and attacked Democrats and the Biden administration for blatant politics aimed at affecting the 2024 presidential election.

But it was Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins, the ex-cop who doesn’t back down, who summed up the situation best.

“Electing Trump for the third time, putting him back in the White House, and saving our country is plan A,” Higgins said in a statement, according to Fox News. “I advise all Democrats … pray for plan A.”

The statement might have sounded threatening, but it’s true — if not in the way Higgins may have meant it. Because what he called “plan A” is exactly what Democrats should be praying for (assuming there are Democrats who still pray).

The lawfare Democrats have unleashed on Trump — with an indictment in New York, two at the federal level and now this Georgia monstrosity — is more than just a political tactic of a power-hungry party desperate to stop the most powerful figure in the country opposed to President Joe Biden.

It’s a full frontal assault on the democratic traditions — lowercase “d” — that have made the United States the most astoundingly successful nation by any measure in the history of the world.

In a short-sighted bid for power, knowing the evidence of corruption against Biden has reached the point where it’s undeniable, they’re abusing the American government to the breaking point — and every American should pray that it doesn’t succeed, very much including the Democratic voters who bear undeniable responsibility for their party’s behavior.

To paraphrase a famous, long-disputed quote liberals loved to use to mock the Vietnam War, Democrats are destroying the village to “save” it.

Other Republicans made it clear that the continuing legal assaults on Trump are breeding contempt for the legal system — not the former president.

“Justice should be blind, Justice should be blind, but Biden has weaponized government against his leading political opponent to interfere in the 2024 election,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy wrote on X, the platform formerly called Twitter.

“Now a radical DA in Georgia is following Biden’s lead by attacking President Trump and using it to fundraise her political career,” he said.

“Americans see through this desperate sham.”

Appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity” before the indictments were announced Monday night, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called the process “disgraceful.”

“Our country is over 200 years old. We have never once indicted a former president or a candidate and a leading candidate for president,” Cruz said. “And this is Joe Biden, and this is the Democrats, weaponizing the justice system because they’re afraid of the voters.”

The indictment that became public on Monday in Fulton County, Georgia, charges Trump and 18 others with 11 crimes related to Trump’s challenges of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia — a state that was decided by just under 12,000 votes out of about 5 million cast.

It follows a sham indictment in Manhattan accusing Trump of falsifying business records and subsequent federal charges accusing Trump of mishandling classified documents

 and bearing responsibility for the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion.

Every one of the indictments is weak — to the point of absurdity in the Manhattan case — but it’s not their legal strength that matters to Democrats, it’s the political impact.

In a statement, Rep. Elise Stefanik, a New York Republican and chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, called the Georgia indictment “blatant political interference by the Far Left” that “will not work.”

“President Trump will defeat these bogus charges and win back the White House in 2024,” she wrote.

It’s important to note that Trump has not yet won the Republican nomination — primary votes won’t be cast until next year — but considering that every new indictment only increases his popularity in GOP polls, it’s safe to say his chances on Tuesday looked even better than they did on Monday.

A cynical Democratic leadership might be banking on exactly that, betting that a Trump smeared by endless false accusations in the legal system, relentlessly attacked by the establishment media and belittled on a nightly basis on national television (if the entertainment world’s strike ever ends) can be defeated by the doddering whited sepulcher it has in the White House now.

But for ordinary American citizens, including those who’ve been fooled into thinking that Democrats actually represent the working men and women of this country, ensconcing the current Democratic Party in power in D.C. would be the worst outcome possible.

The foundation of the system of government devised by the Founders is that free men and women are capable of self-government, that a nation that operates on the basis of majority rule with minority rights protected is possible if the country’s citizens agree to those terms.

In the Trump era, Democrats have abrogated their responsibility to live up to those terms. Unable to accept Trump’s victory in 2016, they turned to corrupted law enforcement and a hideously dishonest establishment media to kneecap the presidency they despised.

They used the confusion of the COVID-19 pandemic to ram through voting changes that made it possible for a man whose campaign rallies could barely fill a phone booth to claim 81 million Americans had voted for him.

And now they’re using what used to be a justice system for a political prosecution that’s making a Mandela out of the man they loathe.

Because that’s what oppressive governments do to their opposition — always.

The Democratic leaders in Washington might think their biggest problem is stopping Trump in 2024. But after they’ve destroyed the country’s institutions and the American people’s faith in those institutions, regardless of party, their problems could only be beginning.

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