Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said that actor Woody Harrelson, a friend of his, may be unaware of the controversy he sparked after wearing a Kennedy 2024 hat, seemingly endorsing his Democratic presidential primary challenge against President Biden.

Harrelson has never shied away from political conversation and was spotted wearing a blue Kennedy 2024 cap in a photo posted to Instagram by Kennedy’s wife, actress Cheryl Hines, on Thursday.

Harrelson’s apparent backing of the primary challenge by Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, open critic of COVID vaccines and a member of one of America’s most recognizable political families, went viral on social media and prompted pushback from many liberals. 

“I’ve texted with him. You know, he’s very hard to get a hold of. He’s been a friend for many, many years. He’s very close to me and Cheryl,” Kennedy told Fox News during a Saturday evening interview at the Iowa State Fair. “One thing is he doesn’t like cell phones. It’s conceivable that he does not know about all of the controversy. He doesn’t watch TV. He doesn’t have his cell phone and he’s kind of off the grid.”


This marks the first time that Kennedy has made a campaign stop in Iowa since announcing his White House bid, having stumped in New Hampshire repeatedly. For nearly 50 years, both states have served as the jumping off point for elections, having led off both major parties’ presidential nominating calendars.

Republicans have kept a traditional primary and caucus schedule this election cycle, but Democrats have upended their calendar, moving New Hampshire down in the order and completely removing Iowa from the list of early voting states. It is expected that both states will hold nominating contests that are unsanctioned by the Democratic National Committee. Biden is unlikely to campaign in either state during the primary calendar. 

“I think it’s unfortunate for our country,” Kennedy told Fox News, commenting on Biden’s absence from both states. “It’s been a tradition. These are the two states that really force candidates to go through this process of retail politics. To go to the nail salons, to go to the diners, to come to the county fairs and actually meet people and understand what’s happening with America.”

“There’s a temptation for politicians to stay at home, take a bunch of checks from billionaires, and then carpet bomb the country from 30-thousand feet with advertisements and not really ever have to understand what’s happening to the American people right now,” Kennedy argued, adding that “these are the only two states where you have to do retail politics – New Hampshire and Iowa. The people here want to shake your hand. They want to look you in the eye.”

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