Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen opined Saturday that the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan will negatively impact President Joe Biden’s prospects for a second term.

“Joe Biden could lose the presidency because of Afghanistan,” Theissen remarked during a taping of the Fox program “America Reports.”

He noted the president’s approval rating was above 50% before the Afghanistan withdrawal order was given.

“If you look at the poll numbers before the Afghan withdrawal, he was above 50% approval and after that withdrawal, he’s sunk below 50% and has never recovered,” Thiessen said.

The Fox contributor added that Biden’s popularity took a hit on foreign policy and fighting terrorism but more worrying for Democrats on every single polled question.

Thiessen acknowledged voters in 2024 may not exclusively base their vote on the Afghanistan issue but claimed the mishandled withdrawal influenced their perception of Biden.

The analyst contended that the general American populace now sees President Biden as both untruthful and inefficient, primarily due to his administration’s handling of the Afghanistan situation.

He explained during his Fox appearance that Americans compared his statements about troop withdrawals from Afghanistan with news reports of how events unfolded there.


Thiessen opined that a majority of U.S. citizens concluded, “One, he’s lying to us and two, he’s incompetent.”

The analyst extrapolated Biden’s probable loss from his conclusion, explaining his belief that a presidential candidate viewed as an incompetent liar will not recover voter trust.

He added that perception leaves an indelible mark on Biden’s presidency, which he claims is the basis for the very low approval ratings in polls conducted during the last two years.

Thiessen, wrapping up his thoughts, opined that Biden’s damaged image due to a perception of incompetence and perception of untruthfulness will most likely culminate in Biden’s 2024 defeat.

“It all started in Kabul when his polls cratered, and they have never gone up above 50% again because the American people know he is a liar and he is incompetent,” concluded Thiessen.

“That’s why he’s going to lose the White House.”

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