Fox News host Jesse Watters vented his frustration that no matter what anyone does to conservatives, rarely are there consequences. During a recent segment, Watters went off over the lack of accountability for Democratic bureaucrats and officeholders who have gone unpunished, even as cases mount against former President Donald Trump.

As such, Watters demanded during a segment on “The Five” that Republicans who hold a majority in the House step up and “do something,” especially after investigations, in his view, have uncovered Democratic wrongdoing.

“And no one’s even talking about it! You wanna know why? Because everybody already knows that! Everybody already knows all of this stuff! So, what is the endgame here? We get screwed, then we have a hearing. Nothing happens. We get screwed again. We have a hearing. Nothing happens,” Watters vented.

“So, we have an FBI dictatorship here. You either fire him and die, or you can’t touch him, and you still die. I’m sick of these hearings,” Watters went on. “Make me feel better, guys. Tell me this is going somewhere. Can I throw someone in prison? Can someone go to jail? Can someone get fined?”

“Just very quickly,” Democrat co-host Jessica Tarlov interjected. “You guys got the Durham investigation, which was supposed to blow the lid off–”

“Exactly!” Watters fired back.

“–and it ended up with nothing because there is nothing,” Tarlov claimed.

That left Watters flabbergasted.

“Stop!” Watters demanded. “You guys admitted you planted the [Steele] dossier!”

“What?!” Tarlov responded incredulously.

To Watters’ point, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who President Joe Biden appointed, announced on Friday that he was appointing a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden — which Republicans quickly denounced as a “sham.”

Fox News’ legal analyst, Andrew McCarthy, himself a former U.S. attorney, sharply criticized the decision and questioned the appointment based on established department guidelines.

During his on-air remarks, McCarthy called the appointment a “sham” and highlighted the fundamental aspect of appointing a special counsel, stressing the importance of selecting an individual who is external not only to the DOJ but also to the entire governmental framework.


“This is a sham. There is no special counsel investigation. There is no Biden investigation,” he began.

“What makes a special counsel special is that you’re a lawyer who’s brought in from outside the United States government,” McCarthy continued. Contrary to that foundational idea, he pointed out that Weiss, despite his new title, is still very much a part of the Biden administration, being “a top official in the Biden Justice Department.”

“This is the Biden Justice Department’s vehicle for maintaining control of an investigation that they are not pursuing,” he continued. “They’ve had the case for five years. They’ve never indicted it. They’re strategically allowing the statute of limitations to run to the point that the 2014 and 2015 conduct, which covers most of the $21 million that the congressional investigation report showed this week, that’s already time-barred.”

In addition, another Fox News legal analyst and former defense attorney, Gregg Jarrett, tweeted that Garland is “defying federal regulations.” He also echoed McCarthy’s assessment.

“So, the fix is in,” he added. “Weiss will continue the obstruction & Biden protection.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton noted that Weiss is “ineligible even under DOJ’s constitutionally deficient special counsel” regulations.

Neal K. Katyal, a former acting Solicitor General and current Georgetown law professor, played a role in formulating the special counsel regulations during his time as a Justice Department staff member in 1999. He had previously argued in The New York Times that John Durham’s appointment as a special counsel was in contravention of these established rules.

The difference is, however, that Durham resigned his position as a U.S. attorney when he was made special counsel; Garland announced Friday that Weiss would continue to serve as one.

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