Former Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has a lot of options on the table for her political future, and she is currently mulling them.

While she remains focused on her challenge to the 2022 election results, she is also contemplating running for the U.S. Senate next year.

Axios reported on Monday, “Lake is staffing up for a Senate campaign in anticipation of an October launch, making Arizona ground zero to replay — and relitigate — GOP losses in the last two elections.”

“A potential three-way battle, with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema running as an independent, will expose deep divisions in both parties on whether to appeal to their bases or independents in a critical 2024 battleground state,” the outlet reported.

The outlet went on to report that, according to a source, Lake will probably spend much of September in Arizona interviewing various potential campaign staff and consultants.

The ex-TV news anchor joined Ohio GOP Senate candidate Bernie Moreno on the campaign trail in recent days, attracting an audience of over 650 individuals in a rural location.

“I’m really, really excited about [Sen. J.D. Vance], I’m super excited that Bernie Moreno’s going to be in the Senate. And if they’re in the Senate, I just might have to join them,” she said during a Monday fundraiser held in Cleveland with Vance and Moreno.

“When President Trump gets back in the White House, he’s going to need fighters like Kari Lake in Washington, DC to help enact his Agenda 47,” Caroline Wren, a senior adviser to Lake, told the outlet.

“Kari Lake is seriously considering a run for the United States Senate and will be making a final decision this fall,” Wren added.

During a speech at The Family Leadership Summit, a Christian conference held in Iowa late last month, Lake said she believes she is the only GOP candidate who could win next year’s Arizona Senate race as she contemplates whether she will toss her hat in the ring.


Lake told the crowd will decide whether she will run for Arizona Independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s seat in the next few months, potentially making a decision later this fall, The Hill reported.

“I’ve looked at the polling, to be honest, and I believe I’m the only one who can win that race,” Lake said. “We have an opportunity to pick up a very important seat so that when President Trump gets back into office, he can have people in D.C. ready to back him up with this incredible agenda.”

Should Lake ultimately decide on a Senate run, however, she already appears to have an advantage. Last month, one survey had her ahead of all other possible candidates in a hypothetical 2024 GOP Senate primary by 28 points, as reported by Just the News.

A recent poll conducted by JL Partners from April 10-12 showed that despite not announcing her plans to run for Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s (I-Ariz.) seat, 38% of registered Arizona Republicans and undeclared voters would vote for Kari Lake.

Karrin Taylor Robson, who lost the GOP gubernatorial primary to Lake last year, came in second place with 10% support.

“Following Robson, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb has 8%, 2022 Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters has 7%, and 2022 Arizona Attorney General candidate Abraham Hamadeh has 4%,” the outlet reported. “No Arizona Republicans have entered the 2024 Senate primary, but Lake, Masters, and Hamadeh were all endorsed by former President Donald Trump last year in their respective primaries.”

Lake also dropped a hint about her next political move earlier this summer on social media.

In a tweet in June, Lake wrote, “Are you ready for the next chapter?” — in a post that included a photo of her silhouetted on a stage with a state flag as her backdrop.

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