Irony: Do you recall how much the left was screeching about how important affirmative action was when the Supreme Court ruled that it’s unconstitutional to base college admissions on race?

That ruling led to all manner of wild-eyed complaining from the left, including former first lady Michelle Obama saying her “heart breaks” because Asian students can’t be discriminated against in college admissions.

Yes, the left truly appears to have issues with an actual meritocracy — but there’s now mounting evidence that the rest of America is sick of the left’s dereliction of merits.

Case in point, Vice President Kamala Harris, perhaps the most public and notorious example of affirmative action, recently bragged about her non-existent popularity.

And it was so egregious that it needed to be fact-checked — an ignominious result typically reserved for conservatives due to the left-leaning tilt of the establishment media.

Harris spoke to ABC News’ Linsey Davis on July 31, and during the wide-ranging interview, the topic of the vice president’s unfathomable unpopularity was broached.

You can watch the relevant segment of the interview below:

During the course of the puff piece interview segment, Davis appeared to try and offer some semblance of journalistic integrity by asking Harris about her unpopularity — albeit wrapped up in an unsurprising racial and gender-based grievance.

“There were reports that say you have the lowest approval rating of any vice president,” Davis begins. “I’m curious. How much of a role, if any, that you feel race and gender play in that?”

Despite the eye-rolling nature of that framing, Harris’ answer was, somehow, even worse.

“Well there are polls that also say I have great approval ratings,” Harris retorted.

The beleaguered vice president then dismissed the negative approval ratings as mere “distractions” from all of the Biden administration’s other accomplishments — whatever those may be.

Turns out that Harris’ self-aggrandizing claim that there are “polls that say I have great approval ratings” is just demonstrably false.

But don’t take general American sentiment for it. Take PolitiFact’s own fact check of Harris’ claims, which deemed her remarks as “false.” (Yes, Harris’ remarks were so bad, they couldn’t even give her the sympathetic “Mostly False” or “Half True” ratings.)

PolitiFact, described as being “left-leaning,” couldn’t quite cover for Harris in regards to these outrageous claims.

“No recent public poll shows Kamala Harris with ‘great approval ratings,’” the fact check said right out of the gate.

PolitiFact also provided a handy summary of just how wrong Harris’ claim was.


Citing “more than 100 publicly released polls dating to October 2021,” PolitiFact noted that not a single one of them showed Harris “with approval ratings that outweigh disapproval ratings.”

Then, using FiveThirtyEight, a popular polling aggregate and data analysis site, PolitiFact added that “the average for Harris’ recent approval polls have hovered around 12 points ‘underwater.’”

It’s a pretty telling and damning sign that even left-leaning “fact-checkers” are unable to provide cover for the incumbent vice president.

And look, there’s just no way around it: Harris is the epitome of what could go wrong with affirmative action hires.

This is what happens when you put things like race and gender (what is a woman, by the way?) above actual merit. There were surely countless other vice president candidates that Biden could’ve looked at, but immediately shoehorned himself by guaranteeing a woman of color for the role.

It’s a line of thinking that has hurt Biden in more ways than one.

While his relatively frosty relationship with Harris is well-worn territory at this point, Biden’s decision to put Ketanji Brown Jackson, a black woman, onto the Supreme Court has offered equally mixed results.

Jackson has been so bad at her job, not unlike Harris, that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had to eviscerate her in his majority opinion on the aforementioned affirmative action case.

“Justice Jackson’s race-infused world view falls flat at each step. Individuals are the sum of their unique experiences, challenges, and accomplishments,” Thomas wrote in June of his colleague’s dissent.

And that’s really the long and short of it, isn’t it?

Race-infused world views fall flat at each step for a reason. Complaining that race is an overriding factor in everything, while simultaneously making everything about race is paradoxical at best.

At worst? It provides a framework in which wholly unqualified people can play outsized roles in the active shaping of the United States of America.

Just look at what’s happening with Jackson and Harris.

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