Rumors are circulating that an indictment of former President Donald Trump is forthcoming in Fulton County, Georgia, and he is furious.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is rumored to be presenting her case to a grand jury next week and an indictment of the former president could come soon after, CNN reported.

“Willis could seek several indictments as she eyes a sweeping racketeering case that could cast Trump and several of his associates as operating as a criminal enterprise in their endeavors to upend Georgia’s election results,” the report said.

“I think she is going to tell a story,” Clark D. Cunningham, a Georgia State law professor, said to CNN. “The story of how one person at the top – the former president – really marshaled an army of people to accomplish his goal which was to stay in power through any means.”

Former US Attorney Michael J. Moore said “probably the indictment has been drafted and reviewed for months.”

“The indictment, word-for-word, is going to be flyspecked. You’re making sure there are no errors in it,” he said. “And you’re making sure you have enough pieces to prove each count.”

On Tuesday the former president was at a rally in New Hampshire when he tore into Willis, even mentioning an unsubstantiated rumor that she had an affair with a gang member.

“And I probably have another where they say there’s a young woman, a young racist in Atlanta, they say racist,” the former president said.

“And they say, I guess they say that she was after a certain gang and she ended up having an affair with the head of the gang or a gang member. And this is a person that wants to indict me. She’s got a lot of problems, but she wants to indict me to try and run for some other office,” he said.

“What’s going on in this country is, by the way, wants to indict me for a perfect phone call. This was even better than my perfect call with Ukraine. Remember that call? That was a perfect call. This one’s better. This one is more perfect,” he said.

A Georgia Sherrif is prepared to give many Democrats and Republicans who are opposed to former President Donald Trump the thing they have not gotten from Alvin Bragg or Jack Smith.

Many people who are detractors of the former president have been clamoring to see his mugshot and now they may get it,

Fulton County, Georgia Sheriff Pat Labat said that if the former president is indicted in his jurisdiction a mugshot would be taken, as he smiled several times.


On Tuesday a reporter asked him if a mugshot would be taken of Trump, prompting a smile from the sheriff prior to his answer.

“Unless someone tells me differently, we are following … our normal practices, so it doesn’t matter your status, we have a mug shot ready for you,” he said.

“If an indictment came today, we would be ready. We look forward to an opportunity to show the world that we are ready,” he said.

It sounds like the sheriff is hyped to be able to stick it to the former president, but the district attorney in the case may have her own issues.

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig had given some devastating news to the prosecutor who, it appears, intends to charge former President Donald Trump with possible racketeering in Georgia.

On Friday the legal analyst gave his opinion during a segment on CNN in which he said District Attorney Fani Willis has intermixed her own politics with the case against Trump and it could see her removed from the case.

“Willis has a really impressive and distinguished history as a prosecutor. She has prosecuted all sorts of cases. She has done, by and large, a very good job.” He said before criticizing her.

“But I have to point out she has intermixed her own political fortunes with this case in a way that I think is going to backfire because significantly against her,” the analyst said.

“First of all, she’s already been thrown off a piece of this case because she’s subpoenaed. Hosted a fundraiser for his Democratic opponent. The judge threw off that part of the case and said, quote, What were you thinking? Second of all, she’s used her own subpoenas in this case,” he said.

“She’s subpoenaed Lindsey Graham. Then she recirculated a cartoon, a political cartoon, making fun of Lindsey Graham as part of a political fundraising effort. She’s also made inappropriate public statements giving her opinion that this is a criminal case when the grand jury has not voted on yet on that yet she gave her opinion about Donald Trump’s criminal state of mind. All of this is bad form by a prosecutor. She absolutely does know better. And it’s going to be a problem for her when this case comes to fruition,” the analyst said.

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