The United States is supposed to have a southern border, a fact the left conveniently forgets most of the time. That forgetfulness becomes particularly acute whenever a politician tries to enforce that border.

Take Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. Abbott has pulled out all the stops to try to stem illegal immigration into his state — infuriating Democrats, who have actively tried to interfere in his efforts.

The latest tactic in Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star,” which aims to secure the Texas-Mexico border, is a floating “wall” of buoys in the Rio Grande. The Washington Examiner reported that the 1,000-foot-long wall of buoys was installed in July between Eagle Pass, Texas, and Piedras Negras, Coahuila state, in Mexico.

According to Texas Public Radio, illegal immigrants can’t swim under the border, as it’s floating in shallow water and thick cables attached to concrete bases prevents it.

Furthermore, anyone trying to climb over the barrier will face serious injury from either serrated metal blades between the buoys or razor wire on the opposite shore.

It’s the former tactic that’s drawn some ire from Very Online™ liberals, with one conservation activist saying Abbott “wants more migrants to die.”

“Texas Gov Abbott has installed circular saws between the Rio Grande border buoys to maim or kill anyone who attempts to climb over,” tweeted Laiken Jordahl. “Two bodies have already been found trapped in the floating barrier.”

It’s worth noting that authorities say those individuals drowned upriver and were caught in the buoys after they died, according to the Examiner — but why bother with the facts? And, yes, those are serrated metal plates, although not quite

 circular saws.

The “saws” are still what the left seized upon, however. Here’s a snippet of footage of the buoys that went viral earlier this week:

That’s Texas Democrat Rep. Sylvia Garcia, imploring Texans to “stop this NOW!” Both of these reactions were the subject of derision by conservatives on Twitter, who pointed out a critical fact:

The buoys are not intended to kill anyone. They’re intended to keep those who would illegally enter the United States from even trying.

Yes, it’s almost like we have laws and Gov. Abbott is trying to enforce those laws. Oh, the humanity!

Another user noted that it’s hardly just the circular saw-like devices that’s keeping the border safe, either:

Meanwhile, others pointed out the toll caused by crimes committed by those who are in the country illegally:

And the folks at Mostly Peaceful Memes noted that, while President Joe Biden’s administration wants the barrier removed, it’s certainly willing to protect itself with a similar barrier at 1600 Pennsylvania:

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