West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey called for a change of venue in the Department of Justice’s sham prosecution of former President Donald Trump, saying there’s no way he can get a fair trial in the Democrat-infested Washington swamp.

“One of the fundamentals of due process in our criminal justice system is to be able to have a fair trial in a fair tribunal,” Morrisey told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. “And does anyone watching, does anyone in America believe that President Trump is going to get a fair shake out of Washington, D.C.?”

For reference, more than 92 percent of D.C. residents voted Democrat in the last presidential election.

“I think most people would say — whether you’re pro-Trump or anti-Trump — you’re not going to get that fair shake,” Morrisey said. “So what I’m suggesting is that this should be moved to West Virginia. We have a number of federal district courthouses that could properly house this. I think that he could get a fair hearing.”

Trump has been charged with conspiracy and obstruction for challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Morrisey made a good point about the trial venue. If special prosecutor Jack Smith truly believes the DOJ’s case is strong, there’s no reason he should oppose such a move.

“I think that there’s no reason why the prosecutor shouldn’t support this move because, Maria, the biggest thing that a prosecutor should be focusing on isn’t just trying to get guilt from the person he’s targeting; it should be to administer justice. That’s the duty of a prosecutor,” the Republican attorney general said.

“I think that if you move it to West Virginia, you would actually take away a lot of the political concerns that are out there. So I think it’s a strong idea. I think the prosecutors should think very carefully about this and get behind it.”

Morrisey was doubling down on a tweet he posted last week slamming the case against Trump as politicized.

“Donald Trump is not going to get a fair shake in DC, the home of the Swamp,” he said on Twitter, which is being rebranded as X.

“If prosecutors insist on proceeding with this politicized case, they should move the venue to West Virginia,” the attorney general said. “West Virginians believe in upholding the rule of law and don’t support a double-standard of justice.”

Trump made the same assertions Sunday on his Truth Social platform, saying he cannot get a fair trial in D.C. and he’s seeking a change of venue as well as the recusal of the presiding judge, Tanya Chutkan, an appointee of former President Barack Obama.

Numerous Republicans agree that the D.C. district court is an unfair tribunal for the 45th president.

“I don’t think any Republican, much less any ‘America First’-type Republican, could ever expect to have a fair trial in a D.C. setting with a D.C. judge and D.C. jury,” Ned Ryun, the CEO of American Majority, told The Hill last week.

He added: “Of course, it’s a rigged game. I think any fair-minded person would step back and say, ‘If you really want this to be a legitimate pursuit of justice, you would not be having it in D.C.’ I don’t think it’s fair. I don’t think it will be legitimate.”

Even Trump’s top challenger in the GOP primary race, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, suggested a venue change is needed to facilitate a fair trial.

“Washington, DC is a ‘swamp’ and it is unfair to have to stand trial before a jury that is reflective of the swamp mentality,” DeSantis tweeted last week.

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